This Green Day article was written by Rosie Conning, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Nick Roseblade

Let’s all take a moment in our busy days to admire a little bit of timeless punk rock

Kerplunk was perhaps the milestone that sent Green Day from idle teenage rockers soaring, to become one of the most commendable and best-selling bands of all time! The album is completely organic from head to toe, with raw, honest music accompanied by budget graphics. Kerplunk acted as a major benefactor in the story of their success.

Taking a look back through time is bound to make even some of the greats appear mediocre. Green Day perhaps found their niche and fan following in their later albums, Dookie or American Idiot, but that’s not to say that Kerplunk wasn’t hugely more popular than its predecessor, and still amongst the best-selling independently released albums of all time. Released in 1992, just two years before Green Day hit the mainstream, Kerplunk featured the same loveable rogues that we’ve all grown to idolise. Strumming some brilliant rhythms on lead guitar along with his distinctive vocals, it’s easy to see how talented Billie Joe Armstrong was back in the day, even before the added inspiration of sell-out arenas. Mike Dirnt can be heard shredding the bass in the background and this was also the first album where Tre Cool makes his first appearance on the drums.

Classic songs like Welcome to Paradise, debut in Kerplunk. ‘I want to take you through a wasteland I like to call home, welcome to paradise,’ Billie Joe barks. Lyrics such as these really foregrounded the rebellious tone that would ever be associated with Green Day. This album did have some catchy melodic structures, but an obvious different sound to that of their modern day hits, so in retrospect, Kerplunk might well split the generation of today. Some may think that it lacks the driving force and passion of their newer hits whilst others may miss the honesty and the grit of early Green Day. Either way, it’s difficult to form an unbiased opinion on a former Green Day album when they appear to just keep out-doing themselves.

UNFORGOTTEN : Green Day - Kerplunk (1992)

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