UNFORGOTTEN : Foo Fighters 'The Colour and Shape'

UNFORGOTTEN : Foo Fighters ‘The Colour and The Shape’

There are not many “modern” rock bands that can be classified as “classic” rock, and even though many people will consider the Foo Fighters still in their prime their reputation, and ability to sell out stadiums for almost twenty years has elevated them to legendary status within contemporary music.

When Foo Fighters first released their first studio self-titled album, Dave Grohl had no idea how popular the band was going to become. That first record was the start to the rise, but it was not until “The Colour and Shape” that the band would start selling out shows and receiving airtime on MTV and the airways.

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The self-titled release was essentially the brainchild of front man Dave Grohl, who wasted no time forming his own project after Nirvana disbanded and his friend Kurt Cobain passed in 1994. Die-hard Nirvana fans may have recognized the name. That first album was essentially all Grohl, and was a demo tape for them to be able to get signed, so they could work on a bigger picture. If anyone knows Grohl, then they know he had plenty of friends in the music scene from even before he was the drummer of one of the biggest bands of all time, so the fact that he worked on and recorded all the parts for the first album, but then recruited new musicians for the second shows that he was very particular who he wanted to work with when it came to Foo Fighters major record release.

Grohl brought in Nate Mendel, from Sunny Day Real Estate, and Pat Smear of the Germs. This was a very interesting combination of musical backgrounds. You have Smear who was a member of one of the biggest punk bands of the time, Mendel, who was in one of the most influential emo / alternative band, and Grohl himself, who was straight out of the D.C. hardcore punk scene, and drummer for the biggest grunge band of all time. These different genres essentially sum up the creativity that was on “The Colour and Shape.”

The album opens with “Doll” a song that Grohl has explained is “basically a song about being afraid to enter into something you’re not prepared for,” a statement that is exciting because we all know what has happened for Mr. Grohl becasus of the album.

Hit after hit came off of the album upon its release, and it received critical acclaim over night. “My Hero” is a song that shows appreciation for the every day heroes of the world, and the video reflected just that where a protagonist is helping save a baby and others from a fire. “Monkey Wrench” was a beautiful emotional outlet that showed Grohl letting his frustration out, and realizing that no one is perfect, and sometimes you have to realize that you are the problem in a relationship, and you cannot always blame others. “Walking After You” is the band’s breakup, slow driven song that showed audiences that they could write a plethora of different types of songs. “Everlong” has always been the bands biggest single, and was a song that has incredible progression throughout. A song that Grohl wrote on his own, which shows that maybe he should have started this project even sooner.

While the alum had four incredible singles, the album as a whole was so impressionable, and created other fan favorites, such as “February Stars,” “Hey, Johnny Park,” and “Wind Up. ”

It is incredible that an album so influential is turning 20 this year, an album that many people will say, “It feels like it just came out yesterday!” Since it’s release, Dave Grohl has always been the staple front man and face of the Foo Fighters, but it is evident that he is very careful with whom he has let collaborate within the band, and they have had a stable lineup for years at a time.

UNFORGOTTEN : Foo Fighters 'The Colour and Shape'