Take 5: Who’s Molly

Who’s Molly are from Wales. They wrote and performed the anthem for the 2018 European Athletics Championships. They have been championed by Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and GIGsoup recently caught up with Karl from the band .

Welcome, thanks for speaking to us today. The deal is five questions in five minutes. Here goes …..

How did the band begin? 

We’ve all been friends for years, and in and out of other different bands. But every time we got together there was an energy we kinda hadn’t felt playing music with anyone else. So we tried to play a few of the songs I had written and it all just fell into place. There’s a really good vibe onstage when we’re all together.

Tell is the story behind you latest single ‘Dead Man Walking’ 

Dead Man Walking came very quickly, my co -writer Pete and I had been chatting about a trailer for a TV series I’d seen and how cool it was. It’s funny how inspiration can come from something like that. So we came up with the title which felt right and that lead to the groove and the intro guitar lick. Once we had the concept and the feel the lyrics just fell into place really quickly.  

Five things you love about New Year might include

  • New Year means new page to me
  • You get to reflect on the cool things you achieved the year before, but also to look forwards and to
  • Focus and concentrate on making bigger things happen.
  • We’d like to play more shows and release more music.
  • Like many bands/artists it’s all about growing for us.

Tell us about your approach to song writing

It usually starts with a guitar idea or a title. (Dead Man Walking started with a title, but Until I Found You started with the guitar part.) Then it’s about figuring out what you want to say, that usually dictates the way the song goes feel wise. Then it’s a case of honing and honing, I’m not one of those people that believes the whole song appears in 20 mins. For me yes the initial idea drops quickly, but then it’s about making that as great as you can!

How did you feel when you heard one of songs on the trailer of the Tom Cruise film ’American Made’

We’d heard we were in the running for about 2 weeks before we got the call it was confirmed. So it was a case of keeping fingers crossed and not wanting to let your expectation be to high. I remember vividly it was a Wednesday evening about 4:30 pm when it got confirmed. We’d never had anything as big so the feeling was complete joy! It’s so cool to watch the trailer with our song in it. What started as an idea in the kitchen made it onto a Hollywood film.

Quick fire questions. If you had to choose, would it be 

Peace or passion – Passion

Call or text – Call

Dragon or daffodil – Dragon

Pepperoni or Margarita – Margarita 

Tom Jones or Tom Cruise – Tom Cruise