Seorsia Jack AKA ‘Sia Babez’ is an Irish/Zimbabwean solo female artist, born in 2001 in Dublin, Ireland. Fast gaining a reputation in the music industry as being an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter, Sia has been working diligently on her new and upcoming EP ‘Inception‘ which has been garnering the attention of various Grammy nominated Music Producers, A&R Executives and Management companies in USA, UK, Europe and Africa. In just under 2 months she’s attracted notable attention from the leading commercial radio stations in Ireland. Now Sia has released a hot new track called ‘Hit My Line’ and is set to transfer her success over the UK shores. We’re impressed! We decided to find out more about Sia with a Take 5

When did you realise that you wanted to be a music artist? What or who has inspired you

I realized I wanted to be a recording artist when I first started watching the X Factor with my family on tv. It was inspiring to see normal people like me going for their dreams. Music itself has always inspired me. I love the way different genres can make a person feel, and the thought of me being able to inspire others with my music was the thing that motivated me to try this.

Who, living or dead, would you dream of collaborating with?

I would have loved to collaborate with someone like Michael Jackson or even just meet him. Other than him Jennifer Lopez has always been a huge inspiration of mine and it would be a dream to collaborate with her.

Tell us about your single ‘Hit My Line’ – what is the song about?

I was going through a “all men are trash stage” at 17 so I wrote a song indicating the fact that I hated how a guy I was talking to didn’t know what he wanted, so why was he hitting my line? And that’s how I got the song together lol. I think both boys and girls can relate to this situation.

Tell us five things you love about Portlaoise in Ireland – the town where you live – and why…

1 Safety. It’s a pretty small town so nothing major ever happens. Unlike the big city girls here don’t fear walking around in the dark alone.
2 Accessible. Everything is so close to my house I can literally walk 10/20 minutes to wherever I want to go.
3 Everyone knows each other. This can be a good and bad thing because everyone ends up knowing your business if you’re not careful…they can also be pretty understanding because of that.
4 Closeness. Everyone I know lives close to me so if I’m ever in danger or need help in some way it’s pretty easy for us to meet up quickly.
5 Walks. Growing up I loved walking around town with my friends and exploring new places. The town is small enough but big enough that it takes all day to walk through.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

As a writer I’ve been growing a pretty big catalogue of songs throughout the years. I can’t wait to finally see my thoughts come to life and to get everyone’s reactions to my projects.

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