Take 5: Makaws

After years of individual professional experience, musicians Michael Foster and Alex Girón decided to develop what would be a life changing project for them. The guys morphed into Makaws: a pop band brimming with what feels like sunshine infused music containing hope and love and a real fun dancefloor vibe. The band then made another bold move: relocating from Spain to Brighton UK to be amongst the creative set there. Now the guys have released their new single “Feeling” – a summery anthem if ever there was one. We like these guys. Time for a Take 5…

When did you realise that you wanted to be a musicians and song-writers? What or who has inspired you? 

We both started getting involved in music since we were very young. We’ve grown up in very musical atmospheres. Alex´s dad is a musician and introduced him to the bass and infected him with his enthusiasm for music. Michael was always surrounded by music and decided to start his first band when he was 13. At first it was just what we did. It was a social event to us. We played in our band with our mates and waited all week to be able to rehearse during the weekend. Music is in us and no matter what happens, music is always our way in life. We heal and express ourselves when writing songs and hope to return the feelings, help and happiness that the rest of the music give us to other people.

Who, living or dead, would you dream of collaborating with?

This is a question that we could be discussing forever, and would never be clearly answered!

There are so many artists that we admire that it´s very difficult to name just one, but if we had to make a choice today we´d probably say Sofi Tukker. Their music is sick! We love their sound, their vibes and we think they´re doing an unbelievable job. We could definitely come out with interesting stuff working with them.

Tell us about your single ‘Feeling’– what is the song about?

Feeling is about when you go out one night, you meet someone and you get that feeling that something amazing could be coming. you´re nervous, you´re happy but cautious and you can´t really plan anything because the night just goes on and you need a good end of it. It´s also about the ability of stupidly falling in love with another person in a matter of hours (or at least that´s how you feel) and wanting to give everything that you have to that person.

Tell us five things you love about Brighton and why…

Music. The music scene in Brighton is brilliant. There are so many good artists and bands, live music everywhere, buskers… The best of all is the amount of opportunities you get to grow and learn.

People. People are diverse, open and tolerant. It´s a young city full of people from all around the world which makes it amazing!

Art. People are part of the culture in Brighton and this is what makes it important. Every idea is welcome, and you always get people to help you unconditionally. Brighton is the place where dreamers live!

The beach. Living close to the sea is so inspiring! We consider the beach our second home (when the weather allows us to haha). We use it to play, busk, spend time with friends, spend some time on our own… we love it.

Crowns. This is funny but The Crowns pub in Churchill Square is a bit like The Real MacLaren´s pub from “How I Met Your Mother”. It´s our meeting point. The time we spend at Crowns is full of funny experiences and good times, and it plays that role in our life now! Haha😂

What are you most looking forward to this year? 

This year is so important for us. We´ve been working for a long time behind the scenes and now it´s time to show what we have done and what we´re capable of in the future. We want to get to the people and consolidate a never ending project. We want to work, and work until we get to our goal.