Take 5: Hannah Grace

Singer-songwriter Hannah Grace has been building up a large fan base with her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Hannah is signed to Never Fade Records and has supported artists like Hozier and Seal. We were delighted to catch up with her when she played BST Hyde Park recently.

How has your day at BST been so far?

 It’s just been a beautiful day, the sun has been out. Enjoyed the set with my band. It was quite early in the day, but we  had loads of people watching.  They were just having a good time. Got to play a couple of new songs, that was fun. The whole thing – it’s just been a great day.

Also, as I was waiting to come in, I could hear Barbara Streisand sound checking. I could hear her talking in between – real life Barbara Streisand was just over the fence. That was pretty cool.

What were your trying to capture when you started work on your EP ‘The Bed You Made’?

Oh gosh, all the songs are very emotional. Stories about love, heartbreak, good and bad times. I suppose I wanted those stories to really be heard. It’s very stripped back, mainly piano and vocals, focusing on the lyrics, telling the story.

There’s one song ‘A Different Kind Of Love’. It’s about when you’re with someone and you feel that what you have is different to everyone else. You’re special in that relationship. That person makes you feel really unique. It’s a really special thing that I feel I’m quite lucky to have. Lots of people around have issues with love. My parents have very inspiring relationship. I really love that song, it’s positive and hopeful.

I wanted to invite people into the stories and the songs. It’s very exposed and stripped back. It was fun to do.

Tell us how the preparations are going for your new album which is due out later this year.

I’ve been writing for the last two years and I have already recorded half of it. It  will have ten to twelve tracks. I’ve already done six. I’ve been working with some amazing producers on it.  Basically, as we speak I am putting dates in the diary to finish recording the rest of them and it’s all starting to come together. It’s very exciting. I literally can’t wait. I mentioned I sang a couple of new tracks today and it’s getting me really excited to release new music.

 Lot’s of the songs are about using music and writing music as a way to deal with the things that happen, whether good or bad. Some of the songs are really fun, trying to capture that when you’re hanging out with friends in a song. Others are more storytelling and emotional, but it is all about using music as healing and uplifting people. Hopefully that’s the vibe of the album. 

What still inspires you about doing a live show?

I love the spontaneity of it, anything can happen. I’ve never played a show to click or to track before and it’s all completely live.  It’s terrifying but also fun. I love playing with my friends. You just can’t beat it. Every time it’s different. The crowd is different. The song can go differently, I sing it differently.  It’s never the same as when you record it. At gigs you can have a freedom to do whatever you are inspired to do in that moment. I think that’s why I love it so much.

Five fabulous things about Wales would include …

  • Chip butties- really buttery white bread, it’s just delicious any time of day, any time of year.
  • The beaches, they are so big and very beautiful. If you get a sunny day, which is rare, but if you do, it’s just the best place to be in whole world.
  • The third thing would be the people, the accent, the singing, the poetry. The love and sense of community. I think you get that with a small county sometimes.
  • The mountains, the landscape. Very, very spectacular.  It’s a bit of a secret. You can go in the height of summer and still get a bit of snow on top of the mountain. That’s a special thing,
  • The rugby – I love the Six Nations. There’s just so much, but those are my top five.

Quick fire questions

Grace or favourGrace

Guitar or pianoPiano

Starbright or sunlightSunlight

Laver bread or soda breadSoda bread

Shirley Bassey or Shirley ValentineShirley Bassey all the way