Take 5: Emma Jaye

In LA based pop talent Emma Jaye’s eyes, music has the ability to change lives and offer healing. By writing songs she seeks to help others and find answers to the problems we face today as society and as individuals. The inspiration behind her new single ‘Selfish Love’ (out now) is about protecting yourself from heartache and not allowing yourself to be pulled into something harmful. A wise message indeed. We decided to find out more about Emma Jaye with a Take 5….

When did you realize that you wanted to be a music artist? What or who has inspired you ?

Honestly it is the first thing I remember ever wanting to be. I can trace it back to one particular instance though, even though I am sure I felt it before then. I remember watching the Lizzie McGuire movie while it was still in theatres and seeing Hillary Duff performing a song on stage and imagining what that would be like if it were me, because that looked like my dream. 

But I truly knew and found out it was my calling without a doubt very recently. About a year ago I found out without a shred of doubt that this is what I was meant to do, it is my strongest contribution piece I can bring to heal this world and it is what I am meant to be doing. Period.

Who, living or dead, would you dream of collaborating with?

I would absolutely love to collaborate with Taylor Swift. She has been one of my biggest role models and inspirations for so long. I have been listening to her songs since I was 10 or maybe even younger until today. She is a musical genius. I just love her so much. 

Tell us about your single – what is the song about?

For a second I read “tell us why you are single” and I thought to myself “oh wow that is odd haha, its by choice I guess?” but then I re-read it and it made more sense haha. 

“Selfish Love” is about finding inner peace without a man or significant other. For a long time I think I had issues with co-dependency when it came to my romantic relationships. I would get stuck in relationships with partners who were abusive and I would base too much of my happiness and self approval on their approval of me. In a sense they become my “north star” instead of me being my own source of happiness and fulfillment and their approval being secondary. But I found partners who would want that control. Who would always make me feel like there was something off in the relationship and that something was my fault, if only I could be “good enough” or fix it then things would be fine, when in reality nothing could have fixed it. It was just a square peg in a round hole. So this song is about focusing on myself, finding that inner self love and approval so that I can go out into the world the way I am supposed to- as my fully, unapologetic, shining self. 

Tell us five things you love about the city you live in, and why……

  • I love the people, everyone in LA is so nice and accepting (of course there are your mean and superficial people as there are everywhere, and maybe I just had really bad experiences in NY my hometown being terribly bullied and alienated in my school)- but I just couldn’t be more grateful for this city for their kindness and warmth.
  • Speaking of warmth, THE WEATHER IN LA. PERIOD. So awesome. I am in love.
  • I love the environment, how you can go surf one day and hit the ski slopes in the same day. That’s just so unheard of. It is awesome.
  • I love how everyone is chasing something. A dream, a better life, happiness. People here are motivated and want to be better. 
  • There are great activities and so much to do in LA- whether it be fitness, great restaurants, cool museums – and being a very active and adventurous person I love that about it. I love trying new places, seeing new things, and generally tasting the different things this world has to offer. I am here for a good time not a long time haha.

What are you most looking forward to this year? 

I am most looking forward to dropping my EP! But truly I like to think I am not sure what I am most looking forward to this year. I think last year at this time, if you had asked me the thing I would have been most excited for looking back at I wouldnt have known about at that time. Life is constantly throwing me curve balls and bringing new and exciting things into my life that I am so grateful for. I am just along for the ride and excited for the journey and adventure life has in store for me! I know it is going to be amazing but there’s also something I am going to want to hold onto!