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LEX is a musical ‘character’ created by the talented and multi-faceted pop/rock Spanish artist Alex Ayora. LEX really does encompass it all – not only is he a renowned singer and composer in his native country, he is also a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, bass, drums and piano who has worked with a plethora of other artists and big brands. He now releases his latest single ‘Unlucky’ – available now on all download and streaming platforms. We decided to find out more about LEX with a Take 5

When did you realise that you wanted to be a music artist? What or who has inspired you?

Since I grabbed my first electric guitar when I was eleven years old, I realised music was the best way to express myself. I would say start playing the guitar was the key to wake up my inspiration to be an artist. All the feelings and emotions I was feeling when I played guitar were the main inspirations for me. I fell in love with the power and the sound of this instrument. During those years, I grew up  playing rock n roll, blues, funk…and all the music my dad used to play at home at that time, artists and bands like Rolling Stones, Santana, Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, Deep purple, Michael Jackson….After those first years I discovered a place to take out my feelings and be myself, and that place was the music and its creation as a lifestyle.

Who, living or dead, would you dream of collaborating with?

I would love to collaborate with artists like Lauryn Hill, Jay z, Kanye West, Santana, Ed Sheeran…,I would have loved to collaborate with Bob Marley, Michael Jackson or Amy Winehouse…but I guess that will be in another life.

Tell us about your single –’Unlucky’-  what is the song about?

Unlucky is the saddest song I ever wrote. I started writing it five years ago with my brother. It talks about the sadness of a heartbreak. I started writing the verse playing the piano. I usually create the melody and the chords before the lyrics because it gives me the freedom to taste all the colours and possibilities for it. I like to let it be. It was really fast the way Unlucky was written. I wrote the verse and the lyrics in a couple of hours and then I showed it to my brother, who helped me with the chorus, so I think we had the song and the main idea in just one day. Some songs come to us very quickly, you just have to have the inspiration and the love to make it yours at that moment. Unlucky was very special to write and had a very soulful recording process. I recorded it at La Sucursal in 2015, with Tato Latorre, one of the best music producers in Spain. His manager loved the song from the first play and he decided Tato could be the right producer to work with. The recording was magic. We had a blast working and learning with him.

Tell us five things you love about the city/town you live in and why……

I live in San Sebastian de los Reyes, in the north of Madrid. I usually worked between San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, London and LA.

1- Quiet Place. I need a quiet place to live where I can find peace and silence for a moment during the day. I like it. it’s quite quiet and good to have a walk, go running or have drink with my friends. It doesn’t have as much traffic as Madrid has.

2- Well-connected place. It’s just twenty minutes away from Madrid, which is really good when I have a meeting, concerts or just to have a party with my friends. So I can enjoy the city whenever I want. It’s also ten minutes away from La Moraleja, where I teach guitar and music classes, which is one the most beautiful and rich neighbourhoods in Madrid because of the mansions, green gardens, shopping centres, golf campus…

3- Familiar and friendly place. A big part of my family lives here, so that’s very important for me, to be close to my cousins, my parents and a lot of friends.

4- The climate. The climate and the seasons in Madrid are really well-defined, which is something that allows me to enjoy each one of them. My favourite season is the spring and the summer. I’d rather a warm and hot climate than the cold one, because I like the winter just for Christmas and to be watching movies at home while I’m watching the snow falling down.

5-The town celebrations are held in August, and are pretty well-known in Madrid. I had the pleasure to be performing at the big amphitheatre sharing stage with other big Spanish artists a couple of years back. It’s always a special moment to take some days off.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

This year I look forward to kick off my 2020 tour and promotion between Spain and UK as soon as possible and keep working on the upcoming singles from my Abbey Road project for the rest of the year. Thank you so much for your time.

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