Take 5: Black Lilys

Black Lilys are a French brother and sister duo Camille & Robin Faure who, inspired by the beauty and sheer power of human resilience, magically create a lush musical landscape in a sensitive, ethereal brew of  ‘dark pop.’ They produce music that balances both strength and vulnerability, a smooth blend between Robin’s driving guitar melodies and Camille’s effortless husky, breathy vocals. Based in both Lyon and Edinburgh, the band release their first UK single ‘Yalakta’ on 3rd April 2020. We decided to probe Rob and Camille with a ‘Take 5’…

When did you realise that you wanted to be a music artist? What or who has inspired you? 

Rob: When we started playing together we were not thinking to do this as a permanent job. We have just lost our mother a few months before and music just became a way to escape, breathe and also communicate with each other.

Later, it started to be something we could not stop doing. Our mother inspired us a lot, still does today. She was a musician too. I believe she made Black Lilys happen from wherever she is.

Who, living or dead, would you dream of collaborating with?

Rob: Olafur Arnalds. Before going on stage, we play his album “Island songs”.

It is wonderful. We would love to collaborate with him, his music is stunning. It is cold and warm in the same time. Oh, and we would love to go to Iceland at the same time.

Tell us about your single ‘Yalakta’ –  what is the song about? 

Rob: Yälakta is a song of goodbye and at the same time, this song is about the invisible, magic that we forgot to see in our daily life. These tiny messages, signs that we decide to see or not.
Roald Dahl said: ” And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it “

Tell us five things you love about the city you live in, and why…… (name the city or cities if more than one!)

Rob: We live between France and Scotland at the moment. Our next songs were written in Edinburgh. We are not big fans of cities. But Edinburgh is perfect for many reasons:

•  People are really friendly and helpful with a great sense of humour. You can easily feel home. The hospitality of the locals feels natural.
And when we say that we are french, they always try to say a few words in french. It is lovely.

•  There are so many good coffee shops. Our favourite is the Artisan Roast on Broughton Street. They make amazing hot chocolate with oat milk. Their playlists are always wonderful. We love to go there to write.

•  Arthur’s Seat, this majestic hill in the middle of the city. The colours are changing throughout the year. Wow, we love it. Especially during the autumn which is also Camy’s favourite season

.•  The Weepub ( tiniest pub of Scotland ) we’ve met so many lovely people at the open mics.

•  The charity shops and vintage shops like “W. Armstrong and Sons”. Most of our clothes comes from here. We found a lot of beautiful things over there.

What are you most looking forward to this year?  

Camille: A lot of things actually. We are playing at the Great Escape Festival in May. It will be our first UK gig with our drummer. Then the realise of the video clip of Yaläkta in April. It’s the first video, we completely directed our self  with my brother. We are really excited to show it to the world.
We played a lot in France the last few months and in March we are doing an acoustic UK tour with only the two of us. We can’t wait.

24.03 Sofarsounds London// 29.03 Sneaky Pete’s Edinburgh //
01.04 Hug and Pint Glasgow// 02.04 Gathering session Glasgow // 06.04 Halfmoonmusic London