Photo: Elizabeth Ibarra

SPOTLIGHT : Steady Sun

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Welcome to Spotlight – a feature where we take an artist, old or new but often overlooked, and place them on a metaphorical pedestal. This week we have an indie-psych outfit from New York City.


Steady Sun continue to go criminally overlooked. Their 2013 debut, ‘Good Evening’ was a subtle yet layered offering, with a decided focus on weaving classical instrumental elements into their cosmic-psych sound. ‘F L O R A’ arrived in 2015 and demonstrated a lighter, poppier outlook with more focus on guitars as the primary instrumentation. In June, Steady Sun surfaced once more with their third studio album ‘Indifferent World’, and again it took a different approach to songwriting – absolutely for the better. Steady Sun has essentially become a solo project for primary songwriter Dylan Nowik, recording their latest record almost entirely by himself.


  • Tame Impala
  • Pond
  • Black Mountain


Steady Sun carry the self-proclaimed genre named “jive-daydream”, an accurate description when examining the contrast of dynamic tempos and ethereal soundscapes the band conjures up. This year’s ‘Indifferent World’ really is their best work so far, offering a relatively short but detailed look into frontman Dylan Nowik’s heady brew of cosmic psychedelia.

With palpable callbacks to early Tame Impala output, as well as Beatles-esque experimentation with Eastern mystics, Steady Sun manage to blend these influences into their own stylistic vision. If you’re an admirer of minimalist psych with occasional cosmic connotations, then give Steady Sun a listen.


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Steady Sun have just one live show planned for the rest of 2017 and if you’re from Brooklyn, NY, then count yourself lucky. They play The Knitting Factory on September 21.

Indifferent World is out now