Nick Palmer kicks off our 5 day Star Wars special, looking the music behind the phenomenon

Who (or what):  One of the biggest entertainment franchises ever, spanning seven movies (with at least two more on the way), two tv series, comics, books, videogames and toys (and lots of other crap – including a Jar Jar Binks lolly pop which involved you sucking that annoying thing’s tongue).

Where is it from?: The mind of George Lucas (and the concept artists and model makers and writers and directors who all helped him achieve his vision)

Who does it sound like?: *PEW PEW* *VVBBBSHHWW* “I AM YOUR FATHER”. Plus big brash orchestral arrangements curtesy of John Williams, but you know that, it’s Star Wars!

Songs to get you started:  ‘Binary Sun’, ‘The Imperial March’, ‘Han Solo and the Princess’, ‘Duel of the Fates’.

What is it doing now?:  Apparently getting back on track with The Force Awakens after the disappointing prequels and continuing to make lots and lots of money.

Bonus Facts:

  • According to Wookipedia, the name of the genre of music that the Mos Eisley Cantina band play? ‘Jizz’. I’m not kidding.
  • David Lynch was offered to direct Return of the Jedi but passed on it. Just imagine that movie – Darth Vader huffing from his mask, a la Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet.


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