Who (or what)?

A Scottish indie label ran by a couple (foul-mouthed Matthew Young and his wife Kate) out of their house since 2008.

Where is it from?


Who does it sound like?

Indie in a broad sense. Folk, lo-fi, alt rock, noise pop, oh and swearing.

Songs to get you started?

Meursault-Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing with Tongue (2008), Jonnie Common-EDC (2014), Adam Stafford-Atheist Monkey (2015), Plastic Animals-Burial Party (2016), Youngstrr Joey-Emma (2016)

What is it doing now?

Putting out solid album after solid album, continuing to thrive on a shoestring budget and holding the flag aloft for indie in its truest form.

 Bonus Facts:

  • Song, By Toad began as a music blog, which Young still runs to this day.
  • It’s named after a line from Wind and the Willows.
  • Young also runs Song, By Toad Sessions – videos on the label site which a bit of a chat with one of his artists and some live performances.
  • Young has a semi regular podcast (Toadcast) in which he discusses his life, the record label and music generally.

This Song, By Toad article was written by Oliver Holt, a GIGsoup contributor. Header picture credit : Neil Hanna

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