SPOTLIGHT : John Carpenter
SPOTLIGHT : John Carpenter

SPOTLIGHT : John Carpenter

This John Carpenter article was written by Jack Dodd, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited my Nick Roseblade

Who? Legendary horror/sci-fi film maker who is also a fantastic musician. His pieces have provided the atmosphere for many of his films as well as influencing countless electronic artists.

Where is he from? Carpenter was born in Carthage, New York but moved to Kentucky when he was seven and went to university there.

What does he sound like? Classical electronic horror. Imagine if Bach’s corpse was resurrected and given the power of modern technology.

Songs to get you started: Assault on Precinct 13 (Theme) (1976), Halloween (Theme) (1978), The Fog (Theme) (1978), Christine (Theme) (1983), They Live (Theme) (1988).

What is he doing now? He released a new album in February called Lost Themes. This was critically praised and he is currently working on the follow up. He will also play his first ever live show at ATP festival in Iceland in July 2016.

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Bonus Point Facts:

  • Carpenter is a massive video game fan. He narrated F.E.A.R 3 and has also spoken of his interest in making a movie version of Dead Space.
  • His father was a music lecturer at Western Kentucky University and taught Carpenter how to play the guitar, violin, piano and bass.
  • The classic soundtrack to Halloween was produced in just three days after the film had taken just twenty to shoot.

SPOTLIGHT : John Carpenter