SPOTLIGHT : Faith No More


Led by iconic madcap frontman Mike Patton, Faith No More are a San Fransisco born five piece alternative metal outfit consisting of aforementioned lead singer Mike Patton, founding members bassist Billy Gould and percussionist Mike Bordin, as well as late comers guitarist Jon Hudson and keyboardist Roddy Bottum.

Where are they from?

The band formed back in 1979 under the name of Sharp Young Men, with the group’s initial lineup consisting of Gould, Bordin, vocalist Mike Morris & keyboardist Wade Worthington.

What do they sound like?

Oh god. What do Faith No More sound like? The band have been proven to be capable of mastering several different genres and crafts within the space of a single record. Whilst the band’s sound can predominately be described as experimental heavy metal, the boys aren’t afraid to dally in whatever they fancy on that day, with tracks like ‘RV’ sounding like a Country-based west-end musical. Taking influences from everything from soft jazz on ‘Evidence’ to the abrasive, spitting vocal melodies of ‘Separation Anxiety’, the band are nearly impossible to pin down. From the manic barking of Mr Patton on the mic, to the gentle tickling of the ivories from Roddy Bottum, you can guarantee a brand new experience with each passing track.

Songs To Get You Started
Epic (1989), Superhero (2015),Surprise! You’re Dead! (1989), The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies (1995), Strip-search (1997), Digging The Grave (1995), Sunny Side Up (2015), Be Aggressive (1992), We Care Alot (1985), Midlife Crisis (1992), Chinese Arithmetic (1987), Ashes To Ashes (1997), Cuckoo For Caca (1995)

What Are They Doing Now

Having toured the world relentlessly since their triumphant return to headline the Download Festival back in 2009, the band have released their first album since 1997 in 2015’s critically acclaimed Sol Invictus. However, the band have spent the recent weeks promoting the re-release of their debut record ‘We Care Alot’, which hit store shelves mere days ago on the 19th of August. The release of the anniversary edition of the record saw the band perform select shows with original vocalist Chuck Mosely in their hometown of San Francisco this past week.

Bonus Points Facts

  • The band underwent several name changes on their journey toward settling on their final moniker, including the recognisable Faith No Man, which was pronounced as ‘Faith. No Man’.
  • The band auditioned and performed with a plethora of vocalists over the years, including Hole vocalist Courtney Love.
  • Not content with fronting one of the most influential bands of all time, vocalist Mike Patton also provides voice acting for many projects, including lending his voice to the title creature in the Darkness series of video games based on the comic books of the same name, as well as the monsters seen in 2007’s big screen adaptation of the 1954 novel I Am Legend.
  • Faith No More encountered trouble in the early portion of their career after an intense feud with peers Red Hot Chilli Peppers. After frontman Athony Keidis forced promoters to remove Patton’s earlier project Mr. Bungle from festival bills, the band retaliated by mocking the Red Hot Chili Peppers on stage during live shows, cosplaying as different members of the band and performing their material in an insulting manner.
  • After joining Faith No More, Patton wrote the lyrics for the band’s breakout record The Real Thing in just two weeks.
  • Original singer Chuck Mosely was fired from the band after falling asleep on stage during the group’s release party for their debut record Introduce Yourself.