SPOTLIGHT : Christmas Number Ones
SPOTLIGHT : Christmas Number Ones

SPOTLIGHT : Christmas Number Ones

Christmas Number Ones


The phenomenon when novelty, X-Factor and reactionary singles race to have the number one single at Christmas.

Where are they from?

The beauty is they can come from anywhere, or from anyone.

What do they sound like?

Originally they were Christmas/festival songs, but by the 1960’s they were starting to be normal pop songs. Now, however it’s a mixture of X-Factor winners and songs that go against it.

Songs to get you started

Al Martino-Here in My Hear (1952), The Beatles-I Feel Fine (1964), Slade-Merry Xmas Everyone (1793), Mr Blobby-Mr Blobby (1993), Rage Against the Machine-Killing in the name (2009)

Random Facts

The record for consecutive #1’s is tied by the Beatles and Spice Girl, with a hat-trick each.

Rage Against the Machine’s 2009 #1 was their highest chart placing ever!

Whitney Houston’s #1 I Will Always Love You was part of a 10 week reign at the top of the charts

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SPOTLIGHT : Christmas Number Ones