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Current band include original members Kele Okereke, Russell Lissack and new signings Justin Harris and Louise Battle. Former members include Gordan Moakes and Matt Tong.

Where are they from? 

When school friends Okereke and Lissack met at the Reading Festival in 1999 they decided to form a band. Moakes joined after answering an advert in the NME and Tong joined after an auditio.

What do they sound like? 

Originally melody based indie rock, but after their debut they started to explore a more experimental angular electronic sound.

Songs to get you started? 

The Answer (2004) Skeleton (2004) The Prayer (2006) England (2006) Mercury (CSS Remix) (2008) Trojan Horse (2008)

What are they doing now? 

A new album has just been released and the band have had a renaissance. They are also embarking on a county wide tour. Expect the see them in a venue near you soon.

  Bonus points facts: 

  • Lead singer Kele Okereke is a huge comic book fan. A 2013 EP was titled The Nextwave Sessions which was a reference to the Marvel Comic book series by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immomen.
  • In 2010 Kele came out as gay because he supposedly didn’t want his parents to grow old in life without knowing who he truly was.
  • Gorden Moakes played bass on the yourcodenameis:milo track Wait a Minute
  • Matt Tong is a massive AFC Bournemouth fan and was interviewed by the club in 2011. When they got promoted to the Premier League for the first time he was delighted!

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