Russian Indie Rockers, Apache Rose Return with The Strokes Inspired New Single ‘Blind Spot’

Having already garnered over 250K views on the new music video for ‘Blind Spot’, the seemingly yet undiscovered Russian Indie Rock scene seems to sparking to life through newcomers, Apache Rose.

Based in Moscow, Russia, Apache Rose have already proved that their audience is truly global, with radio play popping up allover the world and 10’s of thousands of followers on social media. Packed with energy as well as a knowing sense of humour, Apache Rose capture the inventive magnificence while also packing in the urgency and fury of the modern day.

The new single ‘Blind Spot’ is a heroic return to the styling’s of early the early 2000’s indie rock scene; The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Keizer Chiefs and the monumental streams the track has picked up is proof that the genre is still as relevant as ever! Described by the band as ‘a tribute to reckless taxi drivers worldwide’ the track has a stylistic underlying humour in both the song’s lyrical content but also in the video which pulls together clips from The Terminator, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Tight Guitar riffs sit together with Julian Casablancas-esque vocals as the song chops and changes with great effect between the plodding verse and spacious pre-chorus before smashing into a high paced, driven chorus.

Watch the brilliant video for ‘Blind spot below: