Kuwaisiana is at ensemble based in New Orleans, fronted by Kuwaiti-born and raised artist +AZIZ. This combination not only makes for a cute band name, but for a sound unlike anything we’ve come across in some time. There’s a heavy dose of klezmer and zydeco sounds in here, as one would expect from New Orleans. But one you add in +AZIZ’s vocals, the music takes you on quite a different journey.

A new generation of kids growing up in the Middle East struggles to speak its mother tongue; the decision to write and perform in Arabic becomes even more critical. As you can see, Kuwaisiana’s Chapter 1 is split into an A(rabic) Side and English side. Chapter 1 offers 9 dynamic songs with a big band sound.

Chapter 1 (out 18 May) is a self-release. They’ve inked a deal with Universal Music MENA for other parts of the world.

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