Why in:tides are making waves with their atmospheric instrumentals

This ‘in:tides’ article was written by James Brinsford, a GIGsoup contributor.

You may have become aware of a deep rumbling north of the border that you could be forgiven for thinking that it is the rearranging of seats after the General Election result in Scotland. Whereas this may have dominated the news recently, it is another movement that us emanating from Glasgow that might make you stand up and take notice of in the coming months.

The city has been a breeding ground for a multitude of rock bands from Primal Scream to Franz Ferdinand but it’s the likes of Mogwai that have left a legacy that has opened the door for a new wave of alt-rock bands to share their work with the world.

One of these that is looking to capitalise is instrumental act in:tides, who are gathering a burgeoning following for their atmospheric compositions. They have started to make a name for themselves with tracks that are full of textures, melody and dynamics but are there any hurdles that they’ve encountered by eschewing lyrics? In:tides admit that it isn’t easy: “Holding the listener’s attention throughout a 6 or 7-minute song without vocals isn’t always easy but we hope there’s enough going-on to keep a wide audience interested!

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There has been some exploration in to the group using their voices in the future but it may not be in the traditional sense of having a front man: “Using voice as another instrument can work really well but it’s really down to how that would fit with a particular song,” they explain, “We don’t ever plan songs with lyrics in mind or to be a band that would actually have vocals at any point, if they were to be introduced on a recording it would most likely be in an ambient way and not using any distinct vocal melody or structure.”

So with this innovative style and maybe some pointers towards the future already starting to take shape, what’s next for in:tides?

Gigging as much as possible for the rest of the year!” Is the simple answer. “There are a lot of great venues throughout Scotland that support alternative music and give lesser-known bands the opportunity to play, especially in Glasgow with the amount of bands and diversity.”

Attention will then turn to releasing a new EP, with in:tides looking to build on their melodies and crescendos with a couple of left turns from their current sound.

We’ve started to introduce synths and samples, which add to the dynamics and sound. We’re very interested to see what we can come up with!

No doubt as the popularity of this band grows, it will mean more of us will be appreciating the ambient rock sounds of in:tides instrumental offerings and they could well be spearheading a whole wave of like-minded acts that have found a home in Glasgow.

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