The Merrylees - For You
The Merrylees will appear on the T-Break stage at this years T in the Park

The Merrylees are “a comin”

“There’s a storm a comin”. That’s certainly not a flippant weather forecast and not even a quote from the excellent Richard Hawley track (however the latter does have some relevance … read on). The “storm a comin”, so to speak, is in the form of five talented musicians from Edinburgh and Glasgow, The Merrylees.

I was first introduced to this unique brand of Psychedelic/Wild-Western-Indie music a year ago. In the tiny upstairs bar at the Hawley Arms in Camden I witnessed a quite spellbinding set played by these extremely confident young men. A music form generations older than their age dictates they played with the ability of an established band, with perfect vocals and guitar work of the highest calibre.

Tonight (12th July 2013) they are about to eclipse that small gathering. Instead they will take to the “T Break” stage at the T In the Park festival to entertain their passionate country folk. Evidence, if needed, that this group are certainly on the up and up.

The band released their first single “For You” earlier this year. Produced by legendary Bill Ryder-Jones (The Coral) it was released on iTunes and also as a beautifully designed vinyl piece (designed by the very talented Lola Nicol Artist, who incidentally has just won the Best New Artist / Designer at this year’s Scottish Variety Awards). Just like the music the look and feel of what you hold in your hand also has to be right. “For You” is a stunning debut single and demanded more airplay.

But, to the future. My Richard Hawley reference was not some random attempt to gain more Google hits. The band has announced that their next single will be produced by the Sheffield legend. Again, more evidence that The Merrylees are not just catching the eye Joe Public but also recognised award winning musicians. They’ve already supported Cast’s John Power and even Mr Liam Gallagher appears to be a fan after letting them play in his flagship London Pretty Green store.

Check out the band this evening if you are at the T in the Park festival. In particular wait for “Ghost Riders in the Sky”. I promise you that you’ll be humming this for weeks, if not months to come.

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