Influenced by decades of alternative music and pop culture, A Night in November take the catchy, upbeat melodies of 00s Pop-Punk and combine it with the frantic riffs and screams of Post-Hardcore, into a genre they jokingly call Pop-Corn.

Showcased perfectly throughout their newly released EP ‘Mop on a Segway’.

Inspired by the concept of figuring out where you fit in society whilst staying true to your roots, ‘Mop on a Segway’ is about how memories and other people shape who we are and how we do the same to others. This upbeat, catchy EP promotes positivity; embracing the things we enjoy and not hiding them away for fear of what others think.

Echoed in the band’s uplifting ethos “Be true to yourself, don’t be embarrassed to have a good time, and everyone is invited to the party!”

Highlighted in this fun-loving video, released alongside their leading single ‘Nation of Bells’.

A Night in November are all about enjoying themselves, playing the music they love and getting the party started, so there is no surprise that there are a few skits and jokes throughout the EP.

The band says “The EP title is one of those jokes – it came from an in-joke about making segues from one song to another on stage, which led to us making references to Paul Blart Mall Cop. No-one but us found it funny, which just made us do it more… spawning spin-offs of anything that rhymed with it (Small Smart Wall Mop), and the decision to name the EP ‘Mop on a Segway’.”

A Night in November are always up for a laugh, reflected in this fully homemade video released alongside the 2nd single from their EP ‘Time at the Bar’.

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