Hey Gigsoup family! For our #NewMusicFriday series we wanted to highlight Brooklyn emerging artist Paulina Vo and her hit single “Shades Down”. Check out our interview below and stream her new single available on all digital streaming platforms.

We love your new single “Shades Down” can you give us a little
background on what the message is behind it?

Thank you!! I appreciate that! “Shades Down” is a goodbye song to
toxic people, and it’s for anyone who has a manipulative person in
their life that they need to kick to the curb!

I know that you are a producer as well as a singer songwriter.
What draws your inspiration? Also, did you produce your latest single?

I pull inspiration from things that happen to and around me. I’m the
type of person that can go with the flow but ultimately needs to
process and reflect. I love all the messy and vulnerable emotions that
come with processing, so I typically write most at that point. Don’t
get me wrong though, I also hate it sometimes, haha.

And yes! I produced “Shades Down” – it’s been a journey! The record
has gone in different directions but I’m happy with the result.

I feel that this industry needs more female producers, music
managers, and executives. What is your take on that?

I 100% agree. I’m a huge proponent of not only supporting other
female, female-identifying, and non-binary artists and members of the
industry, but also encouraing them to pursue it! The barrier of entry
can typically be the biggest blocker and we still have a way to go to
break them down. I co-organize a women and non-binary music producer
group, as well as work for communities that live and breath this
inclusivity. The support is strong right now, and I’m optimistic that
it’ll only get better.

Does your brand or you as an artist stand for a specific cause or
have a theme? If so what is it?

To an extent yes – I think by default of who I am, I represent more
than I intend to, haha. That being said, I’m also up for it and am
always willing to talk about my experiences as an Asian American woman
in the industry. I’ve been underestimated more times than not, and
have been told what my role should be. These are not things I forget
and it fuels my music as well as the stories I share. I’m not sure
this is necessarily a cause, but it’s absolutely a theme I stand
strongly for.

You seem to be very active in the arts. What other creative
outlets do you use besides music if any?

Outside of my artist project, I songwrite and produce with others, as
well as write music for TV, film, podcasts and commercials.
Additionally, I’m a community organizer and have worked with a handful
of NYC music communities to program events, etc. It’s not
traditionally creative but I do like to approach events in the same
way. Also, I love video games, not sure if that counts, haha.

Living in a competitive city such as New York, what do you feel
every serious artist needs?

Discipline. This is the most important thing that any artist needs,
but especially in the city. While art is definitely a release, and
it’s fun – to pursue a career requires practice and commitment. I
learned this myself when I moved to New York! It was a swift smack in
the face but very needed, haha.

What do you feel sets you aside from other indie artist?

This is always a tough question to answer, mainly because I love indie
music and fellow indie artists! But I definitely lean more pop, and a
bit more soul as well. Vocally, I think I stand out though – I vocal
train the most and I love both sharing it and using it.

Do you enjoy writing with others? If so what has been your
favorite collaboration or co write so far?

Yes! I definitely do. It was a whole new experience and there’s so
many levels of vulnerability involved. I tell people all the time that
you can’t have ego to do sessions, and there’s something so cool about
that. And my favorite collaboration co-write is hard to pin down!
Right now though, I’d say a song I wrote with my friend and bassist,
Charlie MacCall – it’ll come out later this year and not only was it
wonderful to write, it was amazing to produce together. I can’t wait
for everyone to hear it!

What do you feel has been your favorite moment in your career so far?

I have so many! I’d say most recently though, I was part of a Splice
Creator Class where we created sound packs for their in house label,
Splice Originals. I learned so much about the process of putting
together a sample pack and it was a dope experience overall. The
artists in the class with me were also incredibly talented and I
already miss our time together! The pack comes out this year and I’m
dying to hear what people do with it.

What are 3 words to describe you as an artist?

Honest, bold, and defiant.

Where can our followers find you?

I’m @vobot on Instagram (Follow her) and links to my other socials can be found on! Thank you for having me!