GIGsoup revisit the score from 1998’s classic ‘The Truman Show’

1998’s ‘The Truman Show’ staring Jim Carey, is a satirical glimpse into a world of morbid curiosity and questions the morals of the media, particularly when the film was released so soon after the death of Princess Diana. As Carey’s first ‘serious’ role the movie was a box office hit and received critical acclaim, winning 38 awards including a golden globe for best original score.

Mostly compromised of music from Burkhard Dallwitz and Philip Glass, this eerie and lonesome score is a wonderfully dark take on a cheesy day time soap soundtrack that you might expect Joey Tribiany to appear in. Always maintaining a minimalist approach, the music effortlessly switches from simple background melodies to tense emotional masterpieces, the 4th wall breaking ‘Truman Sleeps’ beautifully highlights the viewer’s perception of Truman’s life and its contradictions with his reality. Interestingly this piece bears a significant resemblance to Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ which is said to be about a fantasy or dream.

The script for the film is based on an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’, with the opening track teasing a very similar melody and voice over that would not be out of place in the classic television show. The general feeling of the score is routed in the awareness that this film has strong ties to a world of strange happenings and tragic mysteries, remaining tense and ambiguous throughout.

Perhaps the best complement that this score can receive is that when you watch the film, you hardly notice the music is there. This is not because the music isn’t prominent in the film, but because the soundscape so perfectly captures the essence of the mood, that it is at one with the images on the screen. It is upon an isolated listen when it becomes apparent just how much of an emotional journey this collection takes you on.

Overall this score is never going to be something you de-stress to on your drive home from work, however if you want to spend an hour with the lights off and headphones on getting lost in an epic musical journey, then what could be better.

This article was written by Harrison Moore, a GIGsoup contributor

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