Gerry Cinnamon
Gerry Cinnamon

Who is Gerry Cinnamon? The Rising Star of Glasgow’s Finest

This ‘Gerry Cinnamon’ article was written by Tommy McGuinness, a GIGsoup contributor

The Glasgow music scene has perhaps never been so exciting. Artists of various genres and indeed emerging genres “stars” are rising, though leading the way in the whole “Do it Yourself” school of music is a man who certainly needs no introduction. The man I speak of is none other than “Glasgow’s Finest” Mr Gerry Cinnamon.

Despite already having received much recognition and having recently signed a publishing deal with 23rd Precinct Music – there is more to Mr Cinnamon than meets the eye. Having grew up in Castlemilk, Glasgow, the man certainly has some stories to tell and this is definitely apparent in his lyrics (which range from the abstract to social critique) though it’s his self-styled, do it yourself ethos that really shines through his acoustic melodies and loop pedal blues. With inspirations such as The Beatles, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Brian Jonestown Massacre woven seamlessly into his impressive body of work, Gerry is certainly more than capable in the art of crowd-pleasing while also being extremely accomplished when it comes to his studio work.

Gerry also hosts a weekly open-mic night in Glasgow’s Priory Bar which he dubs “Jam Night” which has much more of a “workshop” setup where like-minded musicians can come together to celebrate each other’s music as opposed to it being all about making the venue a quick buck or two. This very much sums up Gerry’s entire attitude towards music and the industry in general “You’ve got to build your own bonfires” is his advice to the aspiring artist.

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It should be pointed out that Gerry has had some recent chart success with his songs “Hope over Fear” and “Kampfire Vampire” which both made the top ten in the I-Tune charts.  With both songs being scathing social critiques it’s easy to understand why Gerry’s music is striking a chord with so many people across the country right now. Crowd-Pleaser “Hope over Fear” written during the frenzy of the Scottish Independence Referendum touches upon the humanitarian issues surrounding the debate of Scottish Independence and is certainly not the flag-waving call to arms as many perceive it to be and is in no way solely responsible for Gerry’s apparent “overnight” success.

Gerry has literally worked non-stop for the past decade, honing his style and skills and creating a following of epic proportions. While “Kampfire Vampire” on the other hand is a biting attack on some of the more questionable characters who work in and who surround Glasgow’s Music Scene – likening them to soulless “vampires” who feel nothing for the music or the musicians involved and are more concerned with “pound notes” as the man put it in a recent interview with myself.

So will the Bonfire continue to Burn? With Gerry’s hard-working mentality and his passion for rising the stars of other artists it’s unlikely the fire will dwindle any time soon and with a forthcoming EP and T in the Park in the bag this year it looks like there is little chance of these flames being doused anytime soon.

Gerry Cinnamon