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ARTIST OF THE WEEK : “The Rimes” + Interview

This ‘Artist of the Week’ interview was written by Bee Adamic (New Music Editor at GIGsoup) – photo courtesy of

The Rimes - The Feeling‘The Rimes’ release their stylish new single ‘The Feeling’ which will be available for download on the 24th July. The song was written between Jamie and Ryan, ‘While thrashing ideas around fuelled by caffeine and nicotine, highlighting the disconnect between the lost generation and the capricious nature of reality. Simply working to live and living to work’.

‘The Rimes’ are GIGsoup’s ‘Artist of the Week’ and you can watch the bands new video for ‘The Feeling’,  above…

1. Tell us all about The Rimes, how did it all begin?

It started about 4 years ago as fallout from another band called Spectre, the guys wanted to carry on the name in a similar vein, thus choosing ‘The Rimes’ derived from the poem ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. There have been a few changes to the line up, as expected in the early stages. Jamie Nicholls (Lead Vocals & Rhythm) drafted Ryan Cornforth (Bass) in who met, when Ryan was working at gig that Jamie was performing at. Ross Johnson (Drums) was approached a few years back; his former band hadn’t long split up and we were in search of a new drummer, it took us one look at this ‘Bearded Warrior’ behind a drum kit and we knew he was the man for us. Ryan Davies (Lead Guitar) is the most recent member he joined earlier this year.

2. You’ve got a lot going on right now – how important is it for you as a band to be signed and what will it mean for you?

It would mean everything for us to be signed, the same as every other band out there grinding away. The question you have to ask yourself is ‘Why? Why should we make it over every other band trying to break through’, when you find yourself with a solid answer, you also find yourself with a solid product. At that point is when the interest from labels comes – we need a sustainable brand because we want a long career as musicians, whereby in 50 years time people are still listening to our music; that’s the dream.

It is evident that there has been a decline in rock music, its not really in the forefront of mainstream music like it once was. There aren’t as many break through artists that make it past their first album anymore. We want a revival, there needs to be that excitement, that buzz again and we want to give hope to other bands that it is possible. There is definitely a market for a ‘new wave’ of rock and roll; more so a void to be filled. Rock and Roll is still used as a tool to sell products in mainstream culture but there is no direct correlation between this and chart sales of bands. With the right product, right marketing and the right ‘sell’ there could be, dare I say, another Beatles?

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3. What are the benefits of doing things on a DIY basis?

It is still very tough because all of the emphasis is on us, it’s not just a case of writing the tunes – we have to be our own marketing and PR Company as well as our own booking agents. It can however, be very rewarding when we see our hard work and efforts pay off.

4. Tell us about making the latest music vid ‘The Feeling’

This video kind of fell into place; we needed a quick turnaround, so we could release the single on schedule. We sat down with the guys with 57 Studio who came up with the idea for this one. The anecdote we have from this day actually made it as the answer for question 8 in this Q&A.

5. There’s a really vibrant music scene in the Midlands right now, what are your thoughts on it?

This is always good for bands; there are more opportunities, more competition which is healthy because it always drives you to take it to the next level, always assessing yourself, always looking of ways to do something different, whether it is reflected in our tunes, or stage choreograph or how we promote our band. When there is a vibrant music scene there are always more people looking in, looking to see what there is to offer, its great exposure for bands.

6. Tell us about the next music vid … I hear it’s set in Paris?

We are recording the next music video for our next single ‘Avalanche’, we sat down with our Creative Directors (57 Studio) and we were bouncing ideas around, we wanted a video that would stand out, and be different from what most other unsigned bands were doing. The idea surfaced that we should shoot it in another country, and Paris seemed fitting

7. What’s next for you guys

We are in London, Sunday 2nd August playing Nambuccas, then the next day we head out to Paris for a week to shoot the music video for our next Single Avalanche which will be released on the 28th September. We will be doing a few local gigs when we get back from Paris, and we aim to get back into the studio to get another 3 songs down on our Extended Play which we will be releasing later on in the year.

2015 for us is predominantly laying strong foundations for ourselves, creating a buzz within the industry, which will leave us in good stead heading into 2016, which will hopefully be a big year for us, and I don’t see any reason why it can’t be.

8. Tell us something funny

When we were shooting the music video for The Feeling, Ryan was having a tough time driving the classic MG that was used in the video, driving down the dirt road at about 10mph, avoiding the potholes, petrified of damaging the car in some way. The owner said that he looked like an ‘expecting father’ when behind the wheel. However during shooting, Jamie managed to pull the door handle off the passenger side door and began panicking, trying to hide it and stressing Ryan out even further by asking ‘what shall I do with the handle?!’, I think the door handle ended up in the glove compartment for most of the shoot, until Jamie plucked up the courage to tell the owner, to which the owner said ‘Don’t worry my wife breaks it all the time’.

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