ARTIST OF THE WEEK : “Minority Association” + Interview
ARTIST OF THE WEEK : “Minority Association” + Interview

ARTIST OF THE WEEK : “Minority Association” + Interview

This ‘Artist of the Week’ interview was written by Bee Adamic (New Music Editor at GIGsoup)

Minority Association is a solo project by producer Lewis Lindgren, drawing influences from a wide range of genres from 90s Bristol trip hop and breaks to modern 808 trap.

Tiles is the first single from the forthcoming album ‘We Are Not Them’ available now via Bandcamp.

A beautiful mysterious video and debut attempt from London producer Minority Association. The video tells the poignant story of a man and his dog. The interesting camera angles and wide landscape shots, really make it an exceptional visual piece. The music itself features warm synths , reverb soaked guitars and drum breaks, together with distant vocals floating in and out of the mix in a beautifully dreamy way.

‘Minority Association’ are GIGsoup’s ‘Artist of the Week’ and you can watch the artists new video for ‘Tiles’,  above…

You have a debut album out – tell me how long its been in the making?

I made it pretty quickly, in a week or two. I spent a long time preparing for it by listening to loads of psych and prog rock records and watching weird documentaries for sample material. Once I’d compiled all this madness it fell together in no time. Mixing took longer, because I was between studios and just squeezing in a day or two here and there plus I change my mind on mixes from day to day, so it was a lot of back and forth between studios getting it right. It’s lucky that it was a solo project or I’d have driven anyone else mad with it!

Who did you collaborate with to make the album?

I made most of it myself, the only other person on it is Stevie Cooke who played piano on “Never Sweep Away”. The rest I chopped up out of old psychadelic rock records.

Tell us about your musical history as a producer from your past to creating this beautiful record

I’ve been producing hip hop records for a number of years and through that got heavily into sampling and record collecting and listening to a wide variety of genres. I started getting into more recent singer songwriters that were performing around London and Brighton and started inevitably sampling stuff that I was buying from their merch tables at the end of gigs. A lot of it was quite sparse and minimally produced so I found that the music I was making was more remix than sampling. Most of the guys that I got to know really liked what I was doing and ended up coming through for bits of recording etc and it eventually evolved into Button Eyes, with original songs being recorded in the style I was making rather than remixing existing songs. Minority Association kind of evolved from this by me still wanting to make this kind of musical sound but not always having people on hand to play it and so reverting back to my earlier habit of digging through old psychedelic rock records.

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What’s your plan for Minority Association – where would you like to see it go?

I’m not really sure where it’s heading yet… I can’t see it having major commercial appeal, it’s definitely more collector’s music but as long as I still enjoy listening to hours and hours of trippy 60’s music and a few people like the outcome I’ll keep making it and see what happens.

How do you see the music industry evolving over the next few years?

It’s beautiful and horrible at the moment. No one’s got any money so people that still bother doing it actually do it properly. The problem is it’s getting so hard to live in this country and just afford to pay the rent and bills, people cant just pack their jobs in, live on beans toast and have a crack at it anymore.

How about your plan as a producer?

I’m really trying to concentrate on my own projects at the moment and I like recording music with my friends. I still love working with MC’s and it takes a lot less organisation than working with bands, so I’ll always keep doing that if my beats are in demand.

Which artists might you see yourself collaborating with in the future?

I keep trying to work with people way out of my league. Persistence… I’m gonna keep collaborating with the people that influenced me that I know on a personal level. They’re all just as good as anyone I looked up to growing up and they’re nice people.

Lastly tell us something funny

I always go on about this time that I was on the train and a load of DDS crew got on, one of em had a cheeky piss out the train at the station and nearly got his cock cut off when the doors shut. They had loads of balloons. It was half eleven in the morning. Kings.

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ARTIST OF THE WEEK : “Minority Association” + Interview