Lilliput music
Lilliput music

ARTIST OF THE WEEK : “Lilliput” + Band Interview

This ‘Artist of the Week’ interview was written by Bee Adamic (New Music Editor at GIGsoup)

Hotly tipped Lilliput are a 6 piece band from Sunderland, known for their strong harmonies and mesmerising live performances. This brilliant new video ‘Waiting To Go’ showcases the breadth of Lilliput’s talent as it was self recorded, produced and filmed by the band at their flat.

1.Tell us about where the name is from… we are curious

It’s the name of an island in Jonathan Swifts novel ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. Jamie was reading it around the same time we formed. We liked the sound of the word. There’s another island in the book called Blefuscu which we couldn’t pronounce so it wasn’t too hard to settle on Lilliput.

2.You set up is completely DIY… do you prefer it this way?

We’ve recorded in studios for a few years, and while we enjoy that set up of going in with an engineer, we always fancied just doing it all ourselves. It feels like we move quicker and the outcome is a lot more organic. We’re learning loads too.

3.Tell us about the new single, what’s it all about?

The new single is really a step towards a sound we’ve been developing over the best part of this year. It’s the most original we’ve felt in a long time. It’s gritty and grooving. We all felt it as soon as we started jamming it in the early stages. Lyrically it’s about bettering yourself and moving on. Or at least trying to.

4.You guys all live together don’t you, how does that work for you?

Half of us live together, and we all live within a 5 minute walk of each other. It’s really handy for songwriting and practicing but we end up in the pub far too much. With the amount of stuff we load in and out our neighbours must either think we’re crazy or doing house clearances every week.

5.The whole Apple music saga continues, with Taylor Swift’s latest plea what are your thoughts on such issues

We’ve grown up with industry changes. Through all the torrent sites and file sharing, the introduction of YouTube, Spotify and so on. It’s tempting to hate on everything but it’s not very productive. Realistically we won’t make much (if any) money out of streaming services but they definitely feel like a necessary evil these days. It’s a stamp of approval in many ways. People say to us ‘oh you’re on Spotify ‘ like it’s prestigious. Maybe it is. Anyway, the only ones who can make a difference seem to be the big labels who act as gatekeepers for their artists. We need them to look after their musicians and in turn that might help us out. Sadly it doesn’t seem to have gone that way with the whole Apple music thing.

6.New artists we should be aware of in your neck of the woods

There’s some amazing bands at the moment in the NE. We really like Slug and Hyde & Beast. We’re doing a couple of shows with Hyde & Beast in August. Eva Stone is our good friend and our keys player Jordan co-writes with her. The music they’re making is sounding amazing and really honest.

7.Where does the 70s influences come from and why?

It’s probably through our parents and the fact that so many great harmony bands came through in that era. We always get put on to amazing albums from that decade from friends or peers. Most of the time they’ll say ‘I can tell you’ve been listening to…’ and then we sheepishly go and listen. Usually we’re hooked on those recommendations for months. We’re listening to heaps of 70s soul music at present.

8.Tell us something we that will make us laugh

We once got given a raw turnip as part of a rider at a show. We turned it into a mascot for the merch stand and ended up selling it as official Lilliput merchandise. We’ve probably made more money out of turnips than we will out of Apple

‘Waiting to Go’ is out on the 17th July 2015

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