Krankbrother – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

The Krankbrothers are best known for their electronic music and their regular DJ sets in the London underground music scene. After years of being booked for festivals such as Lovebox, Parklife and Secret Garden Party, the duo are now doing their own bookings. They hope to introduce dance music fans to their eclectic taste in music through their upcoming Union Chapel series that brings rare shows from the likes of Midori Takada, Tangerine Dream and William Basinski to the former London church.

You have a new line up of live shows – can you tell us a bit more about the events?

We have a series of live shows coming up in Union Chapel in Islington, London.

First up with have Japanese percussionist Midori Takada on 17th April. She will be supported by German ambient artist Jan Jelenik. Both are very different so we’re really looking forward to welcoming them for our first show there. Following that we have two nights of Tangerine Dream on 23rd and 24th June. They really need no introduction and to say we’re excited about that one would be an understatement. Lastly on 31st May we have an evening of ambient drone music soundtracked by William Basinski and Fennesz all to the atmospheric glow of candlelight.

You’re well known for putting on dance music events, what made you want to spread out and book a more eclectic variety of acts?

We’re not strictly house heads. We played in bands before dj’ing and have always loved a wide variety of music. After 9 years of promoting shows in London it felt like the right time to branch out.

Are you hoping to introduce fans of your dance music to new genres?

We’d like to think people will trust our programming and hopefully find new artists through our shows.

What has the reception been like to the new live series? Were people surprised

The feedback has been really positive from everyone. People are excited. Its not often you get to see the likes of Midori Takada or Tangerine Dream play in a church.

Who were you most excited to book for your Union Chapel series?

Tangerine Dream. We’ve been huge fans for years so to finally make it happen was really special.

There is a bit of a global theme to the series, do you think it’s important to listen to music from other cultures?

Absolutely. We live in an age where music is so accessible. We’re constantly on the hunt for new labels, sounds, artists. Why would you not be?

Midori Takada is an interesting addition, how did you first discover her music?

The same way as most people. A strange algorithm on youtube which made the upload of her album Through The Looking Glass gain a massive viewing. I loved it on first listen. When I went onto Discogs the record was crazy expensive, so I was delighted when it got a repress after all the attention.

She doesn’t often play the UK was she difficult to book?

It was difficult but we got there. The agent was a little confused why we wanted to book her given our track record of throwing club shows. But when I explained how much her sound resonates with electronic music fans they go it and took a chance.

Tangerine Dream play your second date at Union Chapel, why did you want to book them

They are synthesiser pioneers. Their impact of electronica is paramount with over 100 albums in their back catalogue. Everyone knows a Tangerine Dream record whether consciously or not. Kieran and I love them, ever since we first heard their records as kids. Their music can send you places, so as long term fans we really wanted to celebrate that.

What makes Union Chapel the perfect venue

The acoustics. Churches were designed with acoustics in mind, unlike most buildings that end up being used as music venues. The sound is really great in Union Chapel; and then of course the setting is pretty special too.

What plans have you got for the future?

Lots more shows, live and club so keep your eyes peeled.

Who would you love to book that you haven’t been able to so far?

How long you got!