Track of the Day : The Starfolk – “Into the Clouds”
Track of the Day : The Starfolk – “Into the Clouds”

Track of the Day : The Starfolk – “Into the Clouds”

Easy, easy, easy winner of today’s GIGsoup Track of the Day. The catchy, guitar thrashing “Into the Clouds” from The Starfolk is one of the stand-out tracks from the bands self-titled album (released via Korda Records) and deserves its single release.

The Starfolk began as a chance for Brian Tighe (The Hang Ups) to develop new material with his wife/collaborator Allison LaBonne (The Owls, Typsy Panthre) and to work again with fellow Hang Ups co-founder Stephen Ittner. “I had a new batch of songs and when Stephen agreed to sit in on drums, my inspiration really ignited,” says Tighe

The album really is one of the best from 2013 and we at GIGsoup certainly recommend you take a listen. It’s a beautifully written and well produced selection of 12 tracks that simply don’t seem to tire.

The full track-listing for the album is as follows…

1. The Great Unknown
2. Come and Play
3. Kindness Of Strangers
4. To The Gate
5. Sow The Seed
6. Midnight Moon
7. Sleeping Without Dreaming
8. True Blue
9. Into The Clouds
10. Winterwalk
11. Wake Up Machine
12. From Above


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