To celebrate the upcoming release of debut single ‘Last Night She Said’, northern rockers The Relays, have shared a pre-release called ‘You Invented Horror’ via SoundCloud. So impressed were we with the track and by the fact they’ve released a single before their debut single (which surely makes this their debut single) that we’ve made it our Track of the Day at GIGsoup.

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The band is comprised of Adam Redmond (Vocals/Guitar), James Borland (Lead Guitar), Paul Hitchen (Bass) and Ben Harrington (Drums). They formed back in 2012 after they were offered a live show at a large venue in their hometown. As the band stated:

“We quickly enrolled a few people we knew from the local music scene and luckily found a winning combination.”

At GIGsoup we very much like the sound of this winning combination and look forward to the debut single with some anticipation. In the meantime … enjoy.


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