Autoheart - Agoraphobia
Autoheart - Agoraphobia

Track of the Day : Autoheart – “Agoraphobia”

I’ll admit it! We missed Autoheart’sAgoraphobia” back in the warmer days of July 2013 and while it would have been easier to move on to a more recent release we at GIGsoup think this still deserves its place of “Track of the Day”.

Agoraphobia” is taken from the bands 2013 album “Punch” (released on O/R Records) and is a simply stunning track, containing beautiful acoustic guitars and haunting vocals.

The London based group contains members Jody Gadsden, vocals, Simon Neilson, piano and keys, with Barney JC, guitar, and David Roman, drums. If you have a good memory then you may recall that the band previously recorded under the name The Gadsdens.

We also recommend you check out the quite addictive track “Lent” from the same album. Quite brilliant and worth a 79p purchase from iTunes anyday


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