The past year has seen Neck Deep taking the world by storm, spreading their charismatic energy and sharing a good dose of British pop-punk with each corner of the globe. The band have had their fair share of ups and downs. Ex-lead guitarist Lloyd Roberts left the band, but Neck Deep have now formed a solid lineup consisting of vocalist Ben Barlow, guitarist Matt West, drummer Dani Washington, bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans and lead guitarist, Sam Bowden. In this exclusive GIGsoup interview we hear about today’s Track of the Day ‘Serpents’ – with its’ new video and influence of a certain horror video game.

For any new fans reading this, introduce yourselves… Who are Neck Deep? 

Fil- We are a five-piece pop punk band from all over the UK. 

Who in the band is: the funniest; the most creative; the cheekiest; the laziest? 

Fil-Funniest is probably Ben. Most creative is kinda all of us, we’re all are pretty creative dudes. Cheekiest is Dani, but I don’t think any of us are lazy. 

Your new song ‘Serpents’ has a bit of a darker tone to it than most of your others. Where did you get the idea for this song? 

FilFrom a video game, the Silent Hill PT (Playable Teaster) demo specifically. Its this rad demo for a game that actually got cancelled so you cant get it anymore. If you go on Youtube and search Silent Hill PT and watch the footage you’ll see what ‘Serpents’ is about.

‘Serpents’ is from your latest album, ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You‘. This is your second full-length album. How did you find the process of making this one in comparison to ‘Wishful Thinking, your first? 

Fil-It was much different as we worked with a producer for the first time ever. The first record was a very DIY process. We worked with Andrew Wade and Jeremy Mckinnon which was amazing, we’re all big fans of all the work they have done. It was a little bit of a nervous thing at first, but quickly became obvious it was the right move. They are both awesome and super talented dudes that help us make the best record we could.

What are your personal favourite songs off the album, and why?

Fil-For me, ‘Lime Street’ and ‘Rock Bottom’. ‘Rock Bottom’ as it has some of my favourite bass work in it and ‘Lime Street’ just because its a great track.  ‘Rock Bottom’ also has quite a lot of vocal parts in for me, which was kind of a new thing for this record, so it was always quite special for me.

You’ve recently released this video for ‘Serpents’. The mixing of illustrations with real life is an interesting style! Who was the illustrator you worked with for it, and how did you come to deciding on this concept?

Fil-It was a friend of ours called Jake Carruthers. We just thought it would be a cool concept to have some illustrated elements to the video as its a darker song. Our guitarist West had wanted us to do an illustrated video for some time and this seemed like the right song to do it for.

You’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunities to tour with some great bands around the UK and US, but this past six months has been especially crazy for you guys. You supported Bring Me The Horizon on their UK tour late last year, and co-headlined a world tour with fellow pop-punkers State Champs, playing across Australia, Japan and the UK at the beginning of this year! How were those? 

Fil-They have been amazing, hitting the places we had never seen before is always very special. Really felt like a big moment for us seeing how far we had progressed even in countries as far as Australia and how they had reacted to our new record.

You’ve had such a busy year. What’s in store for 2016? You’ve got your UK headline tour coming up next month, but what else have you got up your sleeve?

Fil-We have a bunch of festivals over the summer and a bunch of time we are gonna spend writing new stuff. We also have some fall plans but they haven’t been announced yet.

This Track of the Day article was written by Alia Thomas, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson. Photo by Joshua Halling.

BOOM! : Neck Deep 'Serpents'

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