BOOM! : Sauropod ‘Sunny Day’

Distortion fuelled grunge punk is the catalyst for today’s GIGsoup Track of the Day. ‘Sunny Day’ is taken from Sauropods debut LP ‘Roaring at the Storm’ and offers a nod back to the halcyon days of the 90’s Seattle scene.

The Oslo based band have formed quite a following in their native Norway and it now appears that this fresh uncompromising sound is about to cross the North Sea and hit the British public firmly between the ears. ‘Sunny Day’ is uncomplicated and quite deliberately under produced – it’s fresh, catchy and most importantly, unrelenting.

GIGsoup recently spoke to the band…

Interesting band name, tell us where the idea for the name came from?

I don’t exactly remember when, how or why we took the name, it seems to have come gradually. It’s the name of the group of long-necked, four-legged dinosaurs, a word I remembered from a typical adolescent dinosaur-obsession. We’ve always been into heavy music that takes up space, and this is a heavy name, but also appropriately goofy, I suppose.

There are a lot of cool artists coming out of Oslo right now, 

is this exciting for you?

Sure seems to be a gaining a reputation, doesn’t it? Not sure what to make of it really, I don’t think any of us is particularly into the sort of shoe-gazing stuff, which is what’s becoming so typical over here. We’re all from smaller towns originally, where hard rock and metal is more prominent. But if being an Oslo-band brings some kind of “hype” to it, who are we to complain? 🙂

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Tell us about your writing process, how of you decide on which song makes the cut?

I write a lot. It feels like we’re just grabbing hold of as many songs as we can to make them good enough for concerts before they slip between our fingers! But we’re not about “preserving” songs, cause there’s a constant flow of new ones to catch anyway. On this first album we’ve made, our producer (Hasse Rosbach) literally held up our set list from the night before, read out loud titles randomly and hit record.

Are you doing any many live shows and festivals this year? If so, any UK ones?

We’re going on a small Norway-tour in March, apart from the release-gig next week and a couple of other things. Things are moving fast now, we know little about the future to be honest. No UK ones that I know of, we’re getting very anxious to travel though! Hoping for a warm welcome when we finally get there! Cheers.

Sunny Day is out now and comes from the bands album ‘Roaring at the Storm’. The full trackless is…

1. You And Me Should Leave Together Tonight

2. Winter Song [7]

3. Sunny Day

4 Hausmania

5. Running Song

6. (I’ve Been) Bad On Emma

7. Headphones [8]

8. Fugue

9. Edge of a Cloud

10. Your Line is Divine

11. On The Hill

Written by Sarah Ebockayuk Track of the Day Editor, and Bee Adamic a GIGsoup Contributor