BOOM! : Merival 'Kicking You Out'
BOOM! : Merival 'Kicking You Out'

BOOM! : Merival ‘Kicking You Out’

This Merival article was written By Sarah Ebockayuk, GIGsoup Track of the Day Editor

‘Kicking You Out’ by the talented Merival, oozes summer, heartbreak and love – a great mix for today’s GIGsoup’s Track of the Day.

The Ontario artist has written a simplistic yet melodic tune with mesmerising vocals at the centre point of the track. The songstress is relatively new to the industry and when GIGsoup caught up with her she explained how she juggles a part time job with a blossoming her music career…

‘Kicking You Out’ Is a beautiful song and has a mature sound from your EP ‘Lovers’, available January 29th. What is the story behind the song?

I was in love with someone and it felt like it had been dragging on for so long, and I found myself wondering how long it would take for me to be free of those feelings, or whether it would ever happen at all. I was young but I definitely felt old beyond my years at the time!

‘Kicking you Out’ speaks of heartbreak! Are you in love now? 

Haha I am actually! I’m about as good at falling in love as I am at getting my heart broken – but I’m with someone really wonderful now, so hopefully no heartbroken songs about this one.

What inspired you to get into the music industry?

I’m not sure I could pinpoint an event or a moment… I think it was more a slow realization that music was what I loved to do best, and that other people were out there making it their lives – that it could be an option for me too.

Do you have any musical influences that you would love to work with?

If I could sing, like, 3 notes of a harmony for Grizzly Bear, I would die happy. Probably right on the spot.

‘Lovers’ is your new EP, does the EP provide a blueprint into the world of Merival?

I suppose you could say that! I write from very personal places. The songs could definitely be considered a window into the way I look at the world.

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You arrived in Toronto in 2012, what made you choose that location and where were you before?

It seemed like the place to be if I were to start to pursue a life in music. I lived in Guelph, Ontario for two years before moving to Toronto; I did a bit of schooling but ultimately dropped out. I had a friend who finished school and moved to Toronto for music and was gigging and working menial jobs to get by, except they had $40k of debt on top of all that, and I thought, why not skip the school and get straight to the good stuff?

How did you come to collaborate with musicians such as Darren Seltmann and Ryan Hemsworth?

That all came about through my good friend Jon Lawless (Swim Good) – we were in my old band First Rate People together. He’s really good at reaching out to people he admires and wants to work with, and then spontaneously sending me snippets of tracks to work on. I really appreciate him for that! 

What does a typical week involve for you at the moment?

Things are changing all the time, but right now I’m working mornings at a daycare centre and spending afternoons preparing for my EP release. That means lots of emails, lots of DIY stuff (I’m making tape cases with my buddies tomorrow), occasionally an unsuccessful attempt at a nap..

What is your best highlight to date?

Gosh, I don’t even know! Not sure I could pick just one, but a thing I really like is when people come up to me after a show or after I’ve released a song and tell me that I made them bawl their eyes out. That’s pretty cool.

Any plans to tour this year in the US/UK? Any exciting news to come for your fans?

No US/UK tour plans yet, although I will be touring eastern Canada in March/early April! My big long-term goal right now is to release a full-length record in 2017.

BOOM! : Merival 'Kicking You Out'