Original music, a wide selection of tour dates and an established social media career… It is almost unbelievable that these are the achievements of 15-year-old Berkshire born twins Max and Harvey.

The pair began their swift ascent to big stages on the music video creation app ‘Musical.ly‘, and from here built a fan base that began to recognise them for their singing talent. As their platform transformed into the new ‘TikTok‘, seemingly so did the singing duo; they have performed at festivals, won awards and secured a record deal with RMI.

Max and Harvey agreed to talk to GigSoup’s James Handler, to give the readers an idea of what the past few years have been like from their perspectives:

It has been mentioned that Harvey plays the drums, which is a great talent to have – can you give us some information on how this came about?

HARVEY: It was actually my Uncle Dan who taught me to play the drums, and then I just practiced ever since trying out new beats and rhythms and I still play drums and love it, it’s a great stress reliever!

Which genres and artists inspire your original songs? It would be interesting to know what kind of music you both listen to. 

MAX: Shawn Mendes inspires our music greatly because of his cool sound, but we also like our music to sound like dance music so even if people don’t know who we are they can still enjoy our music. We also listen to people like Ed Sheeran and Marshmello. 

Congratulations on signing to RMI Records – I imagine your excitement must have been uncontainable! Was there a single event that led to you being approached?

HARVEY: There were a few different record labels that we met with but we loved Hollywood Records and RMI and apparently they loved us too!

Did you learn how to harmonise yourselves through singing together, or have you been taught? 

MAX: We half learned how to do it ourselves and we now pick them up just by listening to music but we got the harmonies from our dad always harmonising to songs in the car when we were a lot younger.

Content on your YouTube Channel includes covers / mash-ups. Are these filmed in a single take? It’s hard to believe that nothing goes wrong when filming these!

HARVEY: Obviously it is rare that we’ll ever do things on the first take, however I know there are one or two that we actually managed to do on the first take of filming, though I couldn’t tell you which ones they were!

With you two being twins, a lot of sibling rivalry could be expected! Do you have to try and keep it to a minimum, or do you just get on very well?

MAX: We are very real on and off camera so we don’t really rein anything in for the viewers we just make sure we’re ourselves and no one else. And of course we argue a bit but not that much 😀

For those readers who are not aware, Max and Harvey have a tour coming up which will begin on the 20th October at Nickelodeon’s Slimefest. Can you please give us a little insight into what should be expected from one of your shows?

HARVEY: We’re so excited for this tour, as it coincides with the launch of our upcoming EP and we will be performing all 3 songs, as well as a few more new songs no one has heard us perform before! And there’s a couple other small surprises that people will have to find out by going to the show! Ahahahaha!

Is it difficult to balance school, your job and other commitments you may have?

MAX: It’s extremely difficult to balance everything but we wouldn’t do it all if we weren’t confident we could accomplish everything we need to. So we’re feeling ok about everything at the moment.

Do you get nervous when performing? As cliché as that question may sound, it is not very obvious if this is the case. 

HARVEY: We rarely ever get nervous before performing as it’s something we’ve been doing almost all our life so it’s just like human nature to us. 

When watching you perform it looks very natural and of course your harmonies work really well. When did you two start singing together?

MAX: We both started singing at a very young age and started harmonising together when we were about 7 and carried on learning from there. 

Which show / venue has been your favourite to play at, and have you got any  memorable moments or mess-ups from any live shows?

HARVEY: One of the best performances we’ve done so far would definitely be at Camp Bestival on the Main Stage; there were around 15,000 people there watching and it was so much fun! And an embarrassing moment would be at the CBBC Summer Social, there were water balloons and we were throwing them out at the crowd, but my little brother caught one and threw it back at me as I was climbing back up, so I slipping and rammed my knee into the speaker and it hurt quite a lot. 

Aside from performing, writing music and filming videos, what do you like to spend your free time doing?

MAX: I like to hang out with my mates and go to the gym. But it’s nice to just relax on my own sometimes as well.

Young musicians / fans out there are no doubt intrigued as to how you are so talented already at your age. How long do you both spend practicing, and is this together or separately?

HARVEY: Max and I actually practice our instruments more than our voices because the voice is easier to control, and you can actually practice anywhere, anytime. Whereas with instruments (especially as big as the drums) it can be much harder to practice when out and about, so I make sure to make time to practice.

How long has Max been playing guitar for, and what or who was his inspiration to start learning?

MAX: My Grandad got me inspired to play the guitar and since then I’ve just loved playing the instrument! I think I’ve been playing since I was 7 years old so I’ve probably played the guitar for 8 years now. 

Your cover of ‘Despacito’ is definitely one to watch! How long did it take to perfect that… assuming that neither of you is fluent in Spanish?

HARVEY: Yes, I am definitely not fluent in Spanish and am still yet to discover what half the song even means! But it took me probably around about a week (obviously not every hour of every day) to get the hang of it and then we put it into our own show.

I can only imagine how busy you must both be the whole time! Have you managed to get a break over summer – what did you get up to?

MAX: We had very little time to even breathe over summer, but we did have relax time when we went to Scotland for a few days so that was very nice. 

What’s it like being at school? Do you get treated any differently, or is it just the same as before ‘Max and Harvey’ became a thing?

HARVEY: Being at school is more or less the same, obviously it has become a slight subject matter, but there aren’t really many problems like that.

And lastly: lots of Max and Harvey fans will be extremely excited by the prospect of an EP! Can you give us any information on this?

MAX: We’re also really exited for our new music and can’t wait for our fans to hear what we’ve been preparing for months!



“The Tour” will see Max and Harvey perform at the following venues: 

  • Nickelodeon, Slimefest – 20/10/2018
  • O2 Academy, Birmingham – 24/10/2018
  • Academy 3, Manchester – 25/10/2018
  • O2 Academy, Islington – 28/10/2018
  • Academy, Dublin – 01/11/2018
  • Waterfront Studio, Belfast – 02/11/2018
  • Mash House, Edinburgh – 03/11/2018
  • G2, Glasgow – 04/11/2018

Max and Harvey’s new single ‘Trade Hearts’ will be released on 12/10/2018 via RMI. 

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