Today’s Track of the Day comes from Leigh band The Lottery Winners. We talk to the band about the single ‘Young Love’ 

In this new realm of online socializing and an increased awareness of music accessibility, and the artists behind it, the path to succeeding within the industry no longer lies solely on how talented someone an act is. A level of self management, promotion and an essence of everyman comes into play, and in our new century it has been the deal breaker for a majority of bands trying to break through. However, the same cannot be said for The Lottery Winners.

Forming in Leigh, on the outskirts of Manchester, the band have taken an accessible and down to earth approach to help keep their supporters updated, employing the techniques of funding campaigns to help their craft. Unsurprisingly, catchy music is appreciated in any medium, and they are continuing to go from strength to strength with what appears to be seamless to them. An unnaturally poppy and fun band, considering their Manchester competition, The Lottery Winners are travelling at full steam ahead as they conquer both the internet and the live scene. I managed to catch up with Thom from the band to talk about their influences, their approach to social media and experienced advice on catchy band names for novice artists.

Inherently growing up in Greater Manchester you must have felt so close to the heart of the city and yet also so distant. Starting out eight years ago, did you find it difficult to be motivated or inspired by Leigh’s music scene, or was it quite the opposite?

Excellent question, aren’t you just going to ask us if we’ve won the lottery, like everyone else?

There never really has been a music scene in Leigh, which is tragic, because it has such a high concentration of stunning musicians. I think because most of the schools are dreadful, a lot of people found guitars and drums as a medium to express themselves. All of my friends will blow your head off at music, as they regularly do to mine. Rob and I run an open mic jam night at a local pub every Sunday, and we all get together and drink and play Stevie Wonder songs with guitar solos that go on for a bit too long. It’s delightful.

So, no, there isn’t a grubby venue where the hot new bands come and play, nor is there a succession of successful artists where we’re from, and nobody wears sunglasses indoors, but I’m inspired and amazed and so completed humbled by my friends everyday, every time we hang out. Is that cheesy?

Your video for new single ‘Young Love’ had a very Ok, Go feel to it, with a one take shot against a projector, acting out a road trip. Although comical it differs a lot to your older music videos like ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘I Know’. Is this DIY mentality feel a direction you want to go further with, or was it Shaolin Pete’s (director) decision?

Pete is another one of my hopelessly talented friends, and I’m actually sat with him, so I’ll let him answer:

‘It was definitely a collaboration between Thom and myself, the premise was based on the actual lyrics of his song. The aesthetic came from my penchant for cardboard and homemade stuff- I love triggering nostalgia with my projects, so I always attempt to throw the audience back to their childhoods with subtle references and homages.

The Lottery Winners’ sound has a similar vibe, all happy and poppy and 90’s, so it just made sense to marry my visuals to the track. I don’t doubt we’ll collaborate again.’

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It’s obvious to note that you have a very active social media account for The Lottery Winners. Do you think this accessibility and constant updating is essential for a new band to find success and not get left behind, or is it just something you enjoy doing alongside the band?

It’s dead important isn’t it? I mean, it’s like a massive part of everybody’s life now. Weird that, isn’t it?

I think it’s important to always appear to be having measurable success, which we actually are luckily. People cling to success, and want to be around it and support it.

I do also feel like social media has killed the ‘rock-star’. Constant twitter updates of lunch photography and selfies really humanise musicians, who I think used to be quite godly creatures. I miss that, a bit. Maybe I’ll delete mine right now.

Alongside social media you also use Pledgemusic as a way for your supporters to donate and support the band financially. Do you think this organic way of support is a good alternative to signing to a label? And is there a reason you don’t have a Patreon page?

I don’t know what a Patreon page is! Should I? I love Pledge Music! I hadn’t realised we had some many people that were willing to spend money on our little band. It’s really quite an amazing feeling. I’d highly recommend any band to do it, we managed to record an EP, press our first ever vinyl and buy a van.

I’m not saying that I don’t want to sign a major record deal though, if they even still exist, because surely every band does!

You’ve said ‘The Lottery Winners’ is a terrible band name and you want something cooler. Can you give out any good band name examples so nobody makes the same mistake you did?

Erm, okay, I’ll do a list: 

The Big Melons

Receding Hairlines


Toothpaste (I actually really like that one)


Jimmy Sargent and the Holy Biscuits

Frozen Distortion

Feeling Like a Foot

The Lottery Winners have just completed a UK tour, supporting The Wonder Stuff. Is a headline tour in the works, or should we clear our calendars sooner than expected?

I hope so! We’re working on it. Just cancel all of your plans, just in case.

This Lottery Winners article was written by John Gittins, a Gigsoup contributor

BOOM! : The Lottery Winners 'Young Love'

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