andrenachrome - science & nature
andrenachrome - science & nature

Introducing: Andrenachrome

Lincolnshire’s very own Andrenachrome (aka Steve Eyre) has just announced the release of his debut EP ‘Science & Nature’. The short but catchy EP (it contains 2 tracks) is a positive and plucky release and if you’re a fan of Beck or Ian Brown we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy the content.

Vocally the similarity to Beck is quite stunning and that, combined with the strong instrumentation, provides for some impressive content. Both ‘Art of Conversation’ and ‘Mother Natures Ashes’ are beautifully crafted tracks, containing a nice electronica and Tremolo guitar mix.

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The artist himself stated that the EP started out as instrumentals originally intended to be farmed out to various vocalists and rhymers to see what they could contribute and hopefully something would click. However, the major stumbling block was that Andrenachrome didn’t know any rhymers or vocalists to approach so it was simply a case of ‘do it yourself’.

The EP is available only via Bandcamp ( using the ‘pay what you like or nothing’ model. Certainly worth a punt and a very nice way to kick off 2014.


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