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‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ is the new single from Birmingham based artist ‘Stealth’, and our GIGsoup Track of the Day. It marks a transition from his previous drum and bass music work to a more soulful and melodic feel – a story of love and heartbreak.

Stealth’s neo-soul tones have seen him previously collaborating with top drum and bass artists and producers and this new sound highlights impressive vocals and musicality on a track that encompasses a deep soulful and engaging sound.

‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ is taken from the artists up-coming debut EP ‘Intro’ due to released on March 25th. Stealth has had high press acclaim from the likes of BBC Introducing and played to a sold out crowd at Zermatt Unplugged Festival, Zurich.

Gigsoup wanted to find out about Stealth’s new direction and future plans…

How did you get into the music industry, in hindsight what would you change and what advice would you give to anyone aspiring to follow in your footsteps?

I started at about 16 performing in pubs and clubs, my uncle Paul had done it for years, and I thought it would be better than doing a normal Saturday job. There’s very little I would change about how I’ve gone about getting to where i am, as every mistake I’ve made I’ve learned from and grown. My honest advice is to not be afraid to make those mistakes, if you believe in yourself and are willing to work your arse off for very little money and recognition it will all pay off. It’s become a bit of a cliché but it really does take 10 years to become an overnight success.

In terms of your musical process. Do you have much control music wise on the writing, production and direction of your music? Some artists prefer self-management, whereas others go with the wind. What is your take?

I feel like I’ve found a good balance between being consulted and keeping control. Early on I was easily lead and had some relative success, but it was the moment I took responsibility for my own sound etc, I truly started to see some rewards, because what I was doing became more believable. If I fail, I want to fail doing something I want to be doing.

Your sound is classic neo-soul, would you like to explore other musical genres with your music and future music and do you have any plans to explore this notion?

Of course, I think it’s important to evolve as an artist, to keep your audience engaged, but also yourself.

Are there any plans for an up and coming album to released? Have you worked with anyone that has inspired your progression of the album?

There is, I’m in the studio everyday working on new material to add to the collection I already have. There is no set date as yet, but I want to make sure when that date comes I have the strongest set of tracks I could possibly make to choose from. My good friend and producer Reilly, who without this first EP wouldn’t have happened, has really been integral to what I do, together we have learned and grown in our roles and hopefully will continue to do so.

What does a typical week in the world of Stealth include?

Studio, Gym, Studio, Gym until Friday then its Pub Pub Pub! (it’s not a lifestyle I recommend!)

You have had praise in the industry, including BBC Introducing and the likes of Red Bull Music. What are your best highlights to date and are there any milestones you would like to achieve in 2016?

Opening for Jamie Woon Was a big one for me. Im a huge fan of his, and I had gone to see him the night before, then his original support had pulled out and I got the call. I was half way back to Brum and made a U Turn. I have quite an extensive “to achieve in 2016” list however at the top of that list is to continue to improve, that’s my main aim.

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Your new single ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ is vocally and lyrically incredible. What was the inspiration behind the song and was the story behind this song personal to yourself?

Everyone at one point in their life has been in a situation or relationship that isn’t working for them or the other person involved, and it would be better to be honest although its hard. The story behind the song has some base in true events, but like everything there is some embellishment.

You have an impressive CV to date collaborating with notable drum and bass artists/producers. ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’ seems to have more of an emotive and melodic soulful feel to the track musically. Was this intentional? How does this track and your upcoming EP ‘Intro’ differ from your previous material?

This EP is sonically where I want to be. You can’t ignore the dance music as it’s such a big part of the industry atm! And I do enjoy collaborating with these guys, but it’s not where my heart is.

Quick fire round…

Favourite meal?


Night in or Night out?

Night Out

Favourite Artist right now?

Son Little

Favourite pair of shoes!?

My DM’s

BOOM! : Stealth 'I Don't Need Your Love'

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