London five piece FAERS have launched their latest single.

Infused with guitar melodies and a summer festival vibe, ‘Everything You Know’ is only the first in a stream of songs that were recorded last year. After a week of playing as a band at an undisclosed location in the UK, FAERS ventured to Gothenburg. They invited Pale Honey vocalist Tuva Lodmark to feature on the track; the result, an infectious pop tune which highlights the musicianship of its writers.

Upon the release of their single, FAERS talked to Gig Soup’s James Handler.

We are loving your latest single! It doesn’t sound like any other bands on the scene at the moment, where did you get your inspiration for this single and for your sound as a band from?

Hi James, thanks for having us. The track came from a jam. Morgan was playing around with something in practice and I was hooked on the riff. The sound is something we have developed over time.

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(one for Steven): I’ve seen that you own your own record label… what type of bands have you signed over the years? Are there band that Gig Soup readers will have heard of?

I run Yuck records, I have released a few bands on my label: ‘FeelGood Culture’ and ‘KICK’ are bands you may have heard of. I tend to focus on FAERS now and keep the label to one side for the time being.

Some of you met at Steven’s club in Uxbridge. Did you realise straight away that this was a band in the making, or were you just mates at the start?

Ryan and Alex were friends before and have been in bands together for years. When we had our first practice with this line up it just felt right.

Your first EP: ‘WAVES’ from back in 2015 has elements of indie and psychedelic rock. Would you say your sound has changed from this EP to your single ‘Everything You Know’, or have you kept it relatively the same?

Our sound has certainly changed from the Wave EP. We only play one track from the EP live. We believe our sound has developed over 2 years of being together.

Did travelling to Gothenburg give you any inspiration for the new single, or had you already got it finished before venturing to Sweden?

Yeah… we made sure we had the tracks complete before we went over. We did not want to waste any time, because Anders is a busy guy and we wanted to use his time in the best way that we could.

How was the single received by the crowd at its launch in London on the 1st April? I’m sure it went down a treat!

We were lucky enough to sell the venue out, we have a great following and the track has gone down very well. Our track has gone down extremely well in Japan too, and we would love to go over and play there sometime.

Over the coming months, can we expect any new material from you guys? If so, will it be along the same lines as ‘Everything You Know’?

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Our next track is called ‘Last of Our Kind’ we recorded this in Sweden too. We are writing all the time, and hopefully we will be back in the studio over the summer to get a few more tracks down.

Which one of your upcoming live shows are you most excited for? Camden Rocks Festival looks pretty cool!

We love Camden Rocks. This will be our 3rd year there! Its always a massive party, and the organiser Chris does a great job! We are playing Bush Hall on May 10th with Low Totem. We cant wait for that show.

Lastly, if you were to compare your sound to one band (old or new), who would it be?

We have been compared to all sorts of bands: from Bombay, and The Maccabees to The Twang. I do not see The Twang so much but hey. We all have different music tastes and we think that’s what makes FAERS unique… even if we do say so ourselves, ha.

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