BOOM! : CROSA ROSA ‘Simper Smiler’
BOOM! : CROSA ROSA ‘Simper Smiler’

BOOM! : CROSA ROSA ‘Simper Smiler’

This CROSA ROSA article was written by Sarah Ebockayuk, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.

CROSA ROSA are the new magnetic trio from Nottingham, who are set to have a fantastic 2016. The band’s vibe oozes rock, punk with elements of metal. They created a storm in the industry last year after releasing their EP ‘Pantophobia’, performing at UK festivals and being selected as one of the BBC Introducing acts. Just a few highlights to be added to their roster!

They are back with a bang and have released new single ‘Simper Smiler’ which is sure to increase the bands audience.

GIGsoup caught up with the band before the headline gig at the Bodega, Nottingham.

2015 was an amazing year for you guys! From being selected as one of BBC Introducing Acts and performing at UK festivals to being named New Noise 2016 by Subculture!  What has been the best highlight to date?

Opening the boxes containing our debut EP and finally holding a piece of art we all created was something special.

You are headlining your first hometown show! You are originally from Nottingham. There is a lot of talent emerging from the area in recent years. Are you proud to fly the flag for Nottingham musically?

It’s nice to be involved in such a thriving music scene, with many of our friends.

You have been tipped as ones to watch in 2016! It must be amazing to have this much attention. How long have you been together as a band and how does the creative/musical process work within the band?

We started taking things seriously when we had a change of line up with our Kegan (drummer) just over a year ago. It’s nice to have support from many friends in the industry, that we know and have met since our first shows at the Chameleon and Bodega in Nottingham. You can never be sure if you will get any attention from anyone, so we are grateful for every bit of support we get; from our fans, friends and colleagues who have helped us along the way. Even if we were not to progress in popularity, we’d be doing the same thing; gigging, writing, and releasing music, so its amazing to have interest in what we do. The writing process starts through very simple ideas (the way we like it) by Joe (Vocals/Guitar) and then we flesh out these ideas in our rehearsals.

What does Crosa Rosa mean? How did you choose the name?

That’s an interesting question. Thanks!

Your sound is very individual. What are your musical influences? How would you describe your sound?

Our sound was never something that was planned, but more something that came around through our shared musical tastes. Guitar sounds probably play a key role in making the sound more unique and signature, as I suppose you could class us a “guitar band” but we hate putting labels on these types of things. We think it’s best to make what you want out of what you hear, you’ll probably tell us something we didn’t know about ourselves. We all enjoy some similar music, but I think the main influence in the band’s roots comes from 60’s psych, garage and trash mixed with some 90’s to make a nice smoothie of musical fruit. Swirly guitars and simplicity.

Simper Smiler’ will be your new single launched at The Bodega! What is the meaning behind the song and what can your fans expect?

It’s the next stage after Pantophobia (Our debut EP) which although share similar characteristics, have different elements. Expect some magical sounds and screaming, there is no meaning. It’s completely open to interpretation. We filmed the music video in Brighton with Dogbrain Videos who we thought would complement the sound. Most of it was filmed in a juicy ball pit. #Ballpit+chill? We’ll be playing the new single, along with old and new songs. We also have our good friends Mannequin supporting alongside Babe Punch.

What does 2016 hold for you? Do you have anything excited planned musically? Working with any producers/collabs?

We have many exciting plans for 2016, that will be announced later in the year.

Who would you say in Crosa Rosa is:

The Most Creative?

Not Joe Fisher

The funniest?

Not Joe Fisher

The laziest?

Maybe Joe Fisher….

BOOM! : CROSA ROSA ‘Simper Smiler’