BOOM! : Mowbeck ‘Vaseline’

Today’s track of the day comes from Nottingham four-piece Mowbeck with the compelling ‘Vaseline’.

Taken from their debut EP ‘Talkabout’, this latest track slinks into your consciousness with brooding atmospherics and a stirring vocal delivery. Captivating from start to finish, it has a steady, rumbling pace which lifts into a swirling climax full of cascading guitars and powerful vocals as it draws to a close. The gripping ballad marks a noticeable development from their poppier roots, exhibiting a grittier, darker edge which is suggestive of an intriguing future.

Having played Reading & Leeds earlier this year and gaining more support from radio with each release, it is hoped that ‘Vaseline’ will mark another point of progression for the band. GIGsoup caught up with the band to hear more about Mowbeck, their year and what’s coming up.

 Can you tell us a bit about the new track ‘Vaseline’ and what it’s about? 

‘Vaseline’ was the final song we wrote from our recently released EP ‘Talkabout’. I originally wrote the song about the obsessive feeling of want that you can feel for someone that you’ll never be able to have. As the lyric writing progressed I wanted to push out that feeling to one that could apply for personal ambitions and relationships in general. The song in general was really cathartic to write and we’re really proud of what we made as a band in the studio and live setting as well.

The video is very dark… can you tell us about the creative thinking behind it?

We put the feelers out earlier in the year for a director that really pushed the boundaries creatively and we were really lucky to be able to work with George Maguire (Ritchie Films) on this. The idea of the video was to reflect the feeling of the song in a visual way and pick up in the same areas that the track does . When we first got the video back, we were all a bit like “Oh wow, is this too much?”, but it’s definitely one of our favourite projects yet.

How would you describe your music in three words? 

Authentic, passionate and fluid.

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How would you say your music has developed since you first started?

Most definitely, yeah. When we first started Mowbeck, we had a very linear idea of the music we wanted to make and how we wanted to be as a band. As we released our first tracks back at the start of last year, our musical influences had already changed from very pop, commerical bands to bands such as The Doors and The Cure. It almost felt that by looking back at the bands that had influenced the current bands we loved that we’d found the inspiration to make the music that we’d always been struggling to make. Like everything, our music is constantly developing and changing so I’m sure by this time next year it’ll all have progressed again!

You’ve been lauded for your DIY ethic, is this something you think is essential in today’s industry? Is it harder to get stuff out there and heard? 

I think nowadays if you can’t write your own music and aren’t willing to dedicate all of your spare time and effort into music, it’s very difficult to get anywhere. We aren’t lucky enough to have any massive contacts giving us a helping hand or any record label funding what we do so for us, there is no other option. Saying that, I absolutely LOVE everything to do with this band and I wouldn’t change a thing. Fingers crossed all our hard work continues to pay off!

You recently played Reading & Leeds, how was that experience? 

To play a festival that I’ve been going to since I was 14 years old was pretty insane. I had an emotional moment during one of our songs ‘Ivory White’ which we played mid way through our set at Leeds festival when I saw our crowd filling. Moments like that are always one of the things that make us even more driven to continue making music and playing it to as many people as possible. Big love to BBC Introducing for putting us on!

Who would be your dream festival headliners? 

Oh that’s a tough one.. I’d say personally probably The Doors, Daft Punk & The Killers. It’d be a sell out for sure!

What bands are you loving at the moment? 

We’re big fans of a band called VANT who played on the stage up from us at R&L. We’re also totally loving the latest Mystery Jets and Glass Animals records.

What are your aims for the band in the next year? What else is coming up? 

We’re heading back to the studio shortly for a bit to work on new idea and go back to the drawing board with some of our current songs. This year we’ve learnt so much about music and the industry itself so we want to make sure the art we’re making is as unique and real as possible. Saying that, we love a good live show so expect plenty more dates announced over the next few months!BOOM! : Mowbeck 'Vaseline'