BOOM! : LAUREL ‘Life Worth Living’

BOOM! Today’s Track of the Day is ‘Life Worth Living’ by the mesmerising singer-songwriter LAUREL. The track comes from her forthcoming Theia Recordings release and follows on from her previous EPs ‘To The Hills’ and ‘Holy Water’ which were all released last summer. 

Her music is emotional, with elements of pop-nous and folk. Performing at such iconic locations as the Troubadour, and producing material for her upcoming album at her East London flat, that she describes as her “travelling studio of Ermentrude“, the artist has struck genuine interest fro the industry.

LAUREL’s talents are displayed through her creativity. She not only wrote her new single but also recorded and produced it. With an industry built on collaboration, its a breath of fresh air to see an artist grafting by themselves. LAUREL oozes sass and strikes us as one to watch in 2016. GIGsoup caught up with LAUREL and she explained how her album is going to be “f****** good!”…

You’re a singer songwriter and producer which one do you prefer doing the most and how do you find time to fit it all into your schedule?

Song writing is my most favourite thing to do, although I think its the ritual of doing them all together which makes it feel good for me. Yes, it’s a lot to fit into a schedule, but its the kind of work you don’t just put down at 6pm and go home and watch TV, its my form of entertainment also, so I guess you make the hours up. 

You decided to produce your own album. What made you decide to take this route, as apposed to someone else producing it for you?

Its really just a preference, anybody who knows me well knows I don’t enjoy working with others when being creative, I like to feel secluded and in my own space. I found songs I had formed with other people much more thought out and crafted art, but I didn’t really want my songs to be that, I wanted them to just be a mess of how I’m feeling, without someone standing over my shoulder asking if that lyric really makes sense, or its not normal to put a kick drum there. I think it just makes a much more truthful song. 

‘Life Worth Living’ is your stunning new debut single. What is the song about and what made you choose it as your next single?

This is the first song I’ve release since last summer, for me this song really represents my next chapter in life so I thought it quite apt to use it as the first song. The soundscape really sets the mood for the rest of the music to come out. 

Is it true you record and produce all your material in your flat in London? What was the thought process behind this and does it help with your musical process?

The thought process is – struggling musician without a studio, I’ve always done it this way, I used to call it the travelling studio of Ermentrude, as I have moved around quite a lot and would just take all my stuff and set up somewhere new. Although the fact it is in my bedroom is really just down to practicality at the moment, I don’t think I’d ever want to write outside of my house. I’ve tried travelling places before but theres something about being really comfortable in your own space. I love being able to record and write whenever I want to, and it makes it quite a easy way of living and creating.

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Your sound can be described as pop mixed with folk! What/who influenced you to take music in that direction and are you looking to explore any other genres in the future?

I started off listening to Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn so I think thats probably where the folk element comes from and then recently I have been listening to a lot of Mac Demarco, Beach House, Courtney Barnett, a lot more indie stuff, but I think most of it has also got a lot of folk to it. Yes I’d love to change it up every album I do change so much every year I think you can only expect your music to change too. I love hip hop its one of my favourite types of music, so although I can’t see myself rapping I’d love to do something like the production of Tyler The Creator’s – ‘Cherry Bomb’.

You have played amazing venues such as The Troubadour. What would say is your best highlight to date and what is your next milestone?

Playing America is the best, like so much better than playing England. If people like something out there they will actually tell you, shout out and dance and shit. Over here people barely nod their heads when they are into you. Whenever I’m playing a gig I can never tell whether the audience is having a good time or not. Maybe thats just their concentration faces, I’m not sure haha. So yeah playing America and just being over there in general is usually my highlight of any year.

Your album is due to come out late 2016 any hints or exciting news you would like to share with GIGsoup about it?

Just that its going to be f****** good – I hope. Haha! 

Your vocals and use of instrumental sets an edge as a singer songwriter in the uk at the moment. Do you find it difficult to distinguish yourself from other artists or do you embrace comparisons?

I can see its tough being paired against every other female especially when half of you don’t even sound a like, but I don’t really take it all in to be honest, I used to care a lot about what people thought and who I sounded like and felt a little competitive, but music shouldn’t be a competitive thing, and when I realised that I started writing better music too.

This LAUREL article was written By Sarah Ebockayuk, GIGsoup Track of the Day Editor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.

BOOM! : LAUREL 'Life Worth Living'