BOOM! : Mangoseed 'Jah Jah'

BOOM! : Mangoseed ‘Jah Jah’

Today’s BOOM! comes from London-based four-piece Mangoseed with their new video for single, ‘Jah Jah’. The video for ‘Jah Jah’ celebrates the culture of reggae in the UK whilst also addressing some of the current concerns with migrant communities. The members of this reggae, ska and punk outfit are known for putting on spirited live shows and really getting the audience moving. GIGsoup caught up with the band to find out more about the story behind this video, their sound, influences and plans for the year ahead…

First of all, please could you introduce yourself and the music you make?

Hi we are Mangoseed . Nicholai is on vocals , Karlos plays guitar , Richard bass and Sam drums. The best way to describe what we do is if The Wailers and The Red Hot Chili Peppers had kids that would be us. It would be weird if they did, but that’s the kind of music we makeI 

Mangoseed are made up of members from Trinidad, Jamaica, Ireland and Australia- how did you find each other and what has brought you to settle in London?

Me and Karlos met at work, we found Richard at a party, and Sam happened to be in a room we were in one day and never left. I think we all came to London for different reasons, except Karlos who is the only true born and raised Londoner among us.  London is where it’s at for music , the scene is really buzzy and there is so much going on , so if you can out last the noise , and you have something real to say and vibe is good, then the people will connect with it, and that’s real aim.

GIGsoup have heard that ‘Jah Jah’ is a tribute to Reggae greats such as Burning Spear and Third World. What’s your all-time favourite reggae track?

Nicholai: Oh man that’s going to be different for all of us, for me one of the best is ‘Jonny Was’ by Bob Marley, but there are 5 more i can think of now that are up there. This is a hard question where is eject button?

Sam : Well………

Richard : ‘Move’ from Jr Gong

Karlos: ‘Cool Down the Pace’ by Gregory Isaacs, No it’s got to be ‘Red, Red Wine’ by UB40!

Sam: but what about The Police?!

Karlos : No wait it’s got to be ‘Mysterious Girl’ by Peter Andre

Sam : Sean Kingston – ‘Beautiful Girls’, OH WAIT! OMI – Cheerleader , but seriously ‘54-46 Was My Number’ – Toots and The Maytals

Nicholai: Oh dear lord. Sorry everyone.

You are known for your energetic live shows. What’s been your favourite ever gig?

That’s hard , we played at Mr Wolf’s down in Bristol about a month ago and that was amazing the crowd was really up for having a good time and we just did our thing, it got very very sweaty. Which is exactly how we like it. Ha ha ha ha.

What are your plans for the year ahead- is there another tour in the works?

Yeah we are going to be writing and playing as much as we can for the next year, there is more music coming and our heart is live , we love being on stage and we want to take what we do to as many people as we can , so yeah we will be touring.

The video for ‘Jah Jah’ is great. It seems like a combination of documentary footage, video of you playing live, film of you hanging out and a story of a displaced man singing about his faith- could you tell us a bit more about the process of putting it together?

So the idea for the video was to celebrate reggae music and the sound system culture in the UK, to give some love to the older generation that came from the Caribbean and helped to re-build Britain after the Second World War. But also so too look at what the empire means now , so that’s why we are in some interesting settings , Karlos in front of the London Eye, Richard in a Rolls Royce , Sam in an old  theatre and me in the green and pleasant land. We wanted to play with those different ideas, we are really happy with the result. BOOM! : Mangoseed 'Jah Jah'