BOOM! : Leiik 'Words Over Yours'
BOOM! : Leiik 'Words Over Yours'

BOOM! : Leiik ‘Words Over Yours’

This ‘Track of the Day’ article was written by Alia Thomas, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.

With their long-awaited self-titled EP due for release on February 5th, London-based electronic duo, Leiikhave released the second single ‘Words Over Yours’ from the upcoming 5 track. The duo made up of singer/songstress Amy Spencer and producer Avi Barath (a.k.a Bunki) pair perfectly to produce brilliantly produced sounds and vocals that capture your senses. It’s a winning partnership that effortlessly blends soulful and emotive music and in ‘Words Over Yours’ has one of the best crescendos you’ll hear all year. At GIGsoup we’re not ones to ignore such moments of musical brilliance and have therefore awarded ‘Words Over Yours’ todays ‘Track of the Day’ accolade.

How did you both first meet and end up working together/forming as a duo?

We met at Goldsmiths, where we both studied, and started working together at the end of our second year. We continued writing together and working towards the final project of our degree, and it just naturally evolved into Leiik.

Did your individual musical styles match well straight off to form your current style, or was this a progressive step to get to the point that you’re at now?

I started out as a singer/songwriter and Avi had classical routes, but has always been more into electronic music and production. During university I got really obsessed with Trip-Hop, which kind of brought us together and was a starting point to writing our first songs as a duo. It was a lot more Trip-Hop influenced when we just started, but during the following months we introduced some new ideas into the music and ended up with a sound that takes inspiration from all kind of things, and feels more unique and new.

If you had to describe your sound in 4 words, what would it be?

Dark crescendos, exposed reflections.

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‘Words Over Yours’ is taken from your forthcoming debut EP which is set out to be released via record label, Squareglass, on 5th February. The song is of quite a melancholy nature to an extent – the lyrics give us the suggestion of something negative you may have experienced in the past. Can you tell us a little more about the story behind the song?

The lyrics aren’t entirely ‘negative’, but they are reflective. For the EP, I wanted to look at how time changes my perspective on things, to show the difference between how a personal situation feels “in the moment” and how it feels in retrospect. It confronts my emotional side with my rational side, and allows me to discuss things that are more complex and less one-dimensional. ‘Words Over Yours’ is discussing a negative feeling and my instinct about it. It is reflective, and exposes inner conflicts, particularly in the ending section.

Further songs, ‘Hiding’ and ‘Split’ are to be released as singles from the EP. These titles are again suggestive of quite personal experiences. Was this EP quite a personal journey for you?

The EP is quite self-obsessive, but in an ironic way. The videos contain images of my face only and the lyrics continually discuss my feelings. These titles do reflect personal experiences and how I react to them, hence why everything is about me. – ‘Hiding’ and ‘Split’ are two more very personal and exposed songs. Both are self-critical and reflective… I guess you can call it a personal journey if you like.

Your EP is being released with a special live performance at The Arch Gallery accompanied by visuals. What gave you the idea to release it in this way, with those accompanied visuals?

We wanted to create scenery that would support the music in order to create a performance that would engage with the audience. We took a long time figuring out what is the best way to perform our music, which in its core is electronic in a gig environment. We try to minimise the use of samples and perform our music live as a 5-piece band, because we feel it creates a more organic and genuine experience for the audience. We are lucky enough to work with some friends, who are also incredibly talented visual artists and together we created a set of videos that are accompanying the release of the EP, and are also a part of the live show. The Arch is exactly the place we had in mind when we started planning this show, it’s a beautiful place, but at the same time it has a sterile quality, this combination/contradiction works well as a setting for Leiik.

What can we expect from Leiik in 2016?

It has taken a long time to release this EP, but we already have a bunch of new songs (some of which will even be performed at the Arch). We are recording them at the minute, so we should have more new music ready for release soon, as well as more shows with the band. We’re both also involved in some other projects, so lots of exciting collaborations and releases in the next few months.

BOOM! : Leiik 'Words Over Yours'

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