BOOM! : Krusoe 'S.O.S.'

BOOM! : Krusoe ‘S.O.S.’

GIGsoup caught up with jet setting electronica-indie artist Krusoe to ask him about his forthcoming single ‘S.O.S’. The Oxford based artist has decided to share his tune ‘S.O.S’ with the world, ahead of the release of his EP later this year. The E.P. will be loosely based around the tales of ‘The Odyssey’. GIGsoup asked him about his intriguing sound, his various travels and what it is like working with a new producer.

‘S.O.S’, your new single, showcases an immense range of styles from soul, to electronica, to indie- what has led to this beautiful mesh of noise?

Well it’s partly the meeting of two minds. Collaborating on this E.P., me and Pedestrian were into a lot of the same vibes but also from completely different worlds from a writing perspective. Also over the last few years I had got into a lot of genre crossover bands, loved the transformation of bands like the Shins into Broken Bells and Death Cab into The Postal Service which inspired me to write outside the boundaries of the stereotyped singer songwriter genre – and draw from the well of influences I’d been exposed to.

‘S.O.S’ is the last track on an EP that loosely covers ‘The Odyssey’. What drew you to this subject matter, are you generally a classics scholar?

I’m lacking a basic knowledge of maths, science and common sense haha. Blessed to have music! I spent most of my childhood touring and moving around the place so skipped a lot of school. I loved to get lost in adventure stories that took me off to other dreamy worlds beyond routine and rules. Greeks were the kings of the adventure story and there were just a lot of correlations between the journey of Odysseus and the one that I was on when I was writing the EP: falling prey to temptation, destiny fate and free will, perseverance and loyalty.

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You trained as a classical singer as a child- apparently writing music was a bit of a get-away for you, a chance to strain against the restrictions of such a rigid form. How do you maintain this feeling of rebellion?

I feel the expectations of society can be quite rigid in general so I always strive to act beyond the confines of those expectations for my sanity, at points that has landed me in a spot of bother. After the classical training my rebellion was punk  and skateboarding, I think I’m banned from most shopping centres and car parks in my hometown now which were the skate spots of choice. I feel the world I live in now is more regulated than the one that I grew up in and so I find little ways to have my own little freedoms. I think I’ll always have a problem with being told what to do though, feels important in a world where we put birds in cages

You’ve worked with a producer on this record- Pedestrian, who has collaborated with the likes of Maribou State and Dusky. How did you find Pedestrian, and what has the project been like?

Working with Jack was in some senses a huge challenge.  As I said before – coming from very different musical worlds. Jack would paint moods and atmosphere with his production while I brought my stories and melodies to the table, however we shared a mutual love of bands such as Massive Attack, Bonobo, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Tame Impala – that seemed to always bring us back to a place that pushed the songs forward.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? I hear you’ve lived all over Europe- in Paris, Belgrade and Berlin- so are your itchy feet perhaps leading to a tour?

Started getting a band together and have some very exciting shows to be announced soon! One being ‘Communion Presents’ on November 6th!

This Krusoe article was written by Fraisia Dunn, a GIGsoup contributor. Photo credit Daniel A Harris Photography

BOOM! : Krusoe 'S.O.S.'
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