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BOOM! : M O S E S ‘Leave Leave Leave’

Formed in 2015 gifted with an infectiously enthusiastic live presence, some of the most nimble guitar playing currently around and a contagious singalong vibe to their songs, Moses (or M O S E S) have been creating waves in the alt-rock genre this year. Having been picked up by 3 Colours Red guitarist Chris McCormack this spring they look destined for greatness. The summer has seen them introduced to a wider audience by supporting both Jimmy Eats World and The Enemy. On the eve of their first EP release GIGsoup caught up with this cosmopolitan group.

Who are M O S E S?

We’re a bunch of lads, coming from all over the world – East London, Northern Ireland, South Korea and Bucharest – and who found base in London to write and play great songs. Victor is the singer, Juno the guitar player, Matt’s the mighty drummer and Zakk takes care of bass.

Who are your influences musically, do you all have similar tastes?

We’re definitely swimming in the same big pool of rock’n roll, but each of us has its preferences. Some of the names that one might find in our playlists are The Clash, Foals, Bloc Party, Blur, Kasabian, (early) Arctic Monkeys, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Oasis – you get the picture. But we completely forget about them when we write. In the studio it’s always just us, our songs, our message to the world, our own voice that we’re discovering sound by sound.

When I met you in June you had a different bass player, what happened? Artistic differences already?

Yes, that’s true, we do have a new bass player now and that’s our awesome Zakk, a true East Londoner.

We started MOSES with Scott Bradley playing bass, an incredibly talented and gifted musician. And there was no dramatic “breakup”. He simply decided to go another way. These things happen, especially in your twenties, when you’re experimenting and trying to discover what you want from life.  Plus, having a band is not just parties and fun. There’s a lot of sacrifice and compromise along the way, there’s no guarantee for success or for a steady life. It’s not an easy lifestyle, there’s a lot of risk. And everybody has the right to choose what makes them happy. We’re all different and that’s a blessing for this world.

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What was it  like when you first saw the Camden 2016 highlights video with ‘Cause you Got Me’ as the soundtrack to it?

The whole Camden Rocks experience was crazy, so the video with our song as a soundtrack was just the perfect cherry on top – it felt almost as good as playing the Electric Ballroom to 700 people that day! Camden Rocks was also how we met our awesome manager, Chris McCormack (3 Colours Red). To have such an experienced musician like him be impressed with your songs does give you a hint that you’re doing something good there.

In the modern world of Social Media you seem comparatively quiet with, for example, around a thousand likes on Facebook. Do you think being known for your performances and music alone is enough?

We’re convinced that great songs, good live performances and a real message are what matters most, but Social Media is what helps your content reach more people. It’s not a good/bad situation, they go hand in hand, support each other. And we do admit that we love big crowds, we love playing a big audience, we love sharing our music and having people listening to it. That’s what makes it complete. Plus, those goosebumps you get when you hear people singing along to your lyrics – wow! It’s like you hit the jackpot and know everything’s gonna be all right just because there’s more people out there who feel the same as you. Music is probably the most beautiful type of empathy and crowds just take it to another level! Luckily, we’ve got some amazing people who teamed up around us this year and we promise to make ourselves even easier to find.

You’ve been supporting established acts like The Virginmarys and now Jimmy Eat World and The Enemy, is that intimidating?

Of course not! That’s the best things ever! You get to learn so much from playing with bands that are so good – see how they’re on stage, how they prepare, spend time with them on tour. It’s a huge opportunity. Besides that, a lot of new people get to see you, listen to your songs. So it’s a very good way to promote yourself based entirely on your music and your performance.

‘MOSES EP’ is out on the 28th October via Crosstown Recording

This MOSES article was written by Richard Dunn, a GIGsoup contributor. Photo Credit to Mike Kapoval

BOOM! : M O S E S 'Leave Leave Leave'

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