Mancunian singer-songwriter, Phil Ventrelle has been on the periphery of the North West music scene for quite some time and he’s now spearheading a new band that’s filled with some of the finest musicians the North West of England has to offer.

Ventrelles are the epitome of cocksure charm, listening to their debut single ‘She’s Got It Down’ that’s laced with echoing vocals, melodic chorus and foot stomping gusto, it’s obvious that they aren’t here to make a tremor, they’re looking to make waves.

We had the pleasure of chatting to Phil and he enlightened us on how the band started, what their single is all about and what do we have to come.

How does it feel to be releasing your debut single?

It feels about bleeding time. The songs have evolved over a couple of years now, and they are where I want them to be. Its been a right laugh working with great people from Chicago to Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield getting them done. The music we were making just started to really happen. Not in a cinematic divine way, just in a natural, gradual way. Serendipity I suppose. I guess the things that are meant to be will eventually rear their heads up and introduce themselves.

Can you shed some light on the inspiration behind the track?

Earwigging, girls and the things you don’t plan or expect. Making something positive out of the things that go tits up. You know the usual let downs combined with the surreal moments.

The track has an old school vibe about it, who are your musical influences?

All my songs have different influences really. I’m told ‘She’s got it down’ is a bit ‘Scouse’ sounding, a bit LA’s. I get that, big melody and ballsy voice, but I’m more like a pitch perfect Shaun Ryder. All i’m saying is it’s a timeless tune and a right cocky introduction to what’s to come. I guess musically I’m Manc blood with a Scouse heart.

How did the band get together?

The band is made up of old friends and friends of friends from all over the north west within a certain circle. We’ve all bobbed an weaved in and out over the years. This line up is amazing. Can’t wait to ramp up the live now.

Where did the name Ventrelles come from?

I took the name from a Chicago CTA travel card I have in my wallet, and forged the letter ‘L’ on the end as a work in progress title. The over-head rail in Chicago is called the ‘L train’ , stuck an ‘s’ on the end to round it off. It sounded like something between a 60s Doo-Wop group and a South American cartel.

After being a part of the Manchester music scene for so long, I’ve gotta ask, who’s your favourite Manchester band?

Right now, I’m into what Cabbage are up to. From the past I don’t really have a favourite – to love one is to love many I suppose. In my first band my riffs sounded more like something from an 808 state tune than ‘There is a light’ or ‘Sally cinnamon’, melodically my favourite band from here is the Hollies. My favourite band to have a bop around the flat would be New Order and for “outer wear” it would have to be oasis circa 1994/97 – except funnel parka’s , they don’t really float my boat. Good in Chicago, shit in the rain. Doves and Chameleons have always been up there too. I think just for the feeling the Stone Roses – Blackpool live video used to give me while smoking squidgy black as a 14 year old , I’ll have to hand it to them.

You’re releasing the track via Black Bleach Records, a relatively new and independent Manchester record label, how has it been working with them?

It’s been a riot so far. Tony and Debs are like a married couple who argue all the time, but end up agreeing and get things done. Its always a laugh and long may it continue. But seriously working with them is a breath of fresh air,  their roster is diverse and their passion for music is what drives them to scout out the best. These days that’s global, so get your demos over to them.

What are your plans for the rest of the year and beyond?

Looking to get right into the live thing in the new year, with a couple more releases. Hoping to release an album later on in 2018. The plan is to get back into the studio with some new material and add to the songs I have that are ready to go. ‘She’s Got it Down’ is just a teaser, some of my tunes even blow me away, I am the prolific Mancunian songwriter nobody knows – yet.

‘She’s Got It Down’ available from October 28th via Black Bleach Records