BOOM! : Stand Alone ‘Save You’

Unlike their name suggests, the lads in Bradford trio Stand Alone are far from isolated in their journey into the hearts and ears of true rock music fans. But if they were on a desert island, we imagine that they would create the most epic of rock parties with their bold, catchy riffs, even in the most remote of places. Making noise themselves by reigning victorious in the Leeds SoundWaves competition in 2017 is incredible to say the least, and a dream come true, but this hasn’t made them complacent. They’re already looking forward to their next goal and are ready to take the next step to make their mark in the music world.

GIGsoup’s own Evie Myers caught up with two thirds of the melodic rock band, guitarist Gavin and bassist Luke, to get a little insight into Stand Alone’s writing style, their plans for 2018 and their opinions on how the music world could be heavily improved.

To get us started, can you give us a brief history of Stand Alone, how did the magic happen?

Luke: You put the three of us in a room and the magic happens all night long.
Oh wait… 

How would you describe your sound to a drunk stranger?

Luke: If they’re drunk enough, you could tell them that we sound like their favourite artist, and they’ll instantly love us.
“I hick really love……. hick Lionel Richie”
“Well, you’re in luck my friend, because we sound EXACTLY like that.”

In the Stand Alone camp, how do the songs come together? Is it a collaborative effort or does someone take charge of song writing for example?

Luke: We usually start with riffs or full instrumental songs from Gavin, then demo that at Luke’s place while developing it, taking things away, adding things etc, until we’re happy with it. Then each member adds their own instrument and vocals.

Let’s sink our teeth into “Save You”, which has to be said, has a remarkably polished and professional finish and some killer, ballsy riffs to boot. Can you give us a little insight into this track and how it feels to unleash it onto the world?

Gavin: It feels good. It’s a bit of a slow burner and it took us forever to get out but we are finally there with it and it’s starting to rack up some views! We’ve learned a lot and the next one will be bigger!

And just nicely to go along with it, you’ve just released a video for “Save You”, how did the filming for that go down?

Luke: Filming was fun. We had three actors to play judges that we are playing for, sort of like an audition and they’re disrespectful towards the band in certain ways, but what goes around comes around in this video. We had a guy come up from London to film and edit it. He knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s a great laugh and got all the right shots, as you can see from watching the video.

Last year you guys won the Leeds SoundWaves competition. If you cast your minds back to that moment, how did that feel for you guys? And how did it feel stepping back on that stage this year?

Gavin: It was a great moment. Playing in front of that kind of big crowd is amazing and we will never forget it ! We want more now though and to play these venues without being in a ‘competition‘ so to speak, so that’s something to aim for at least. With all due respect, we would like to be playing with bands on our level and not just singers to backing tracks! This year was awesome though, we had our own dressing room and a free beer rider. What more could you want?

And for something a little different, if there was one thing you could change about the music world, what would it be and why?

Gavin: This is a hard one because you risk sounding like a dick! I suppose give new bands more of a chance on the main stages of festivals rather than plug the same old cliché: “Push them [new bands] forward because when all the old school headliners are gone, we will need new bands” kind of attitude. Also, stop letting make ‘music’.

Finally, what does the rest of 2018 hold for Stand Alone?

Gavin: We are hitting Leeds on 23rd February for the first BBC introducing and 360 club night called #360RAW1. Then we will be releasing two more singles, followed by our new EP. We are gigging a lot too, so we’re keeping busy. Keep up to date with us on our website!