BOOM! : Odd Couple ‘Am I Evil’

Let’s hop over to the ravishingly cultural and hugely diverse city of Berlin for a moment, and introduce you all to German duo Odd Couple. In a place made famous for its paradoxically relaxing vibes and exuberance in the world of music and lifestyle, lifelong friends Jascha Kreft & Tammo Dehn travelled to this fabulous city to make a name for themselves in the world of music. And what a journey it has been for the quirky, sweaty rock n roll duo.

GIGsoup’s Evie Myers caught up with Tammo Dehn to discuss their latest single Am I Evil, also featured on their latest album Flügge…

It’s such a pleasure to speak with you and thank you for taking the time to answer a some questions for us today! Just as a starting point, could you give us an idea of the Odd Couple music style in a few words?

Hey, thanks for having us! I guess most of the people describe our style of music as some Garage-Psych-Kraut-Rock n Roll type of thing but I guess that’s up to the listener to decide… if they need to.

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If we can delve into the Odd Couple history for a moment, how did this incredible journey come about?

Jascha and me have known each other since Kindergarten and basically played in every band together and grew up musically which each other. We come from a small town called Norden in the north of Germany. There was not much to do there, so we spent most of the days jamming. Odd Couple had a lot of names and was always just a Jam project when we were still living in Ostfriesland. I think the project became reality when I moved from Hamburg to Berlin, a half year after Jascha moved there. We started Odd Couple in 2011 but we really started to work on it in 2014.

As for the Single itself, Am I Evil, it’s a wonderfully catchy song with killer riffs that we just love! How easily did this song come together?

Jascha pretty much came up with the whole song and than we wrote the lyrics together. We usually don’t really have a concept when we write songs. The songs are always evolving over a long time and then we try to find the right lyrical concept that sums up the feeling of the track. Am I Evil was finished pretty fast though.

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Your album is due for release later this month, how excited are you for that? Can you give us a little insight as to what we can expect from this?

Well Flügge is presenting us much more than our first record. It’s pretty much spread out in terms of genres because we just wanted to do what we felt like in every song. But I think that we still somehow managed to keep a red line through out the record. We hope that through the release we can get a bit closer to the UK. It’s pretty tough to get into the UK for a German Band I realised.

What influences the unique Odd Couple vibe? Are there any musicians or other things that inspire you?

We both have a pretty similar background when it comes to music taste but through time we went also into different directions. We come from Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss and in general a lot of Stoner. Jascha started to listen a lot to stuff like Bowie, The Beatles or Flaming Lips and I went into stuff like Jesus Lizard, Earth or Nick Cave as well as Psych and Hip Hop. In general, we both opened up to good pop songwriting that was there at the time. In terms of lyrics, I’m just always trying to be influenced by our modern times. Things that move and affect us everyday.

The last few months have been pretty tour mad for you guys! Can you give us an idea of what an Odd Couple show looks/sounds like? Or is every show different?

As a band, we are trying to create something more raw, where people get pushed from song to song by combining tracks with each other. Since last year we have a third member in our live-shows. Dennis Schulze from Cult Hands. He plays the bass, synth and organ parts live and also played some synths on Flügge. He definitely added a lot to our live-sound. We regularly have a setlist but we are still leaving a lot of space for improvisation.

Do you think it’s important as a musician to fit into a particular genre or sound in this day and age? Or is it better to let the music take you wherever your inspiration desires?

Of course I personally like the second option more but it makes things harder. When you do what you feel like and don’t try to fit into a certain genre, it takes longer to build up a crowd that digs you, but in the end you are also creating a solid independent image which is more worthwhile in the end, I think. Then again, you can also be someone who feels like doing exactly what a certain genre awaits from him. The only answer is always: Just do what makes you happy otherwise you will (logically) be unhappy.

What does the rest of this year hold for Odd Couple?

We will play a lot of festivals in Europe over the Summer and right know we are in the writing process for our next record, which we will record this autumn.