BOOM! : Nylon Waves ‘Don’t Call Me Bae’

BOOM! : Nylon Waves ‘Don’t Call Me Bae’

Today’s BOOM! GIGsoup Track of the Day comes from Californian alternative pop outfit Nylon Waves. If there’s a band you need to check out it would be these guys as their visual experience to their music is truly diverse and engaging.

After releasing their debut single ‘Don’t Call Me Bae’ they have picked up attention online quite well.

How did you guys meet?

Brad: I’m not sure if you’ve seen our social media or not, but if you have you might have seen videos that we post about “The Initiative.” Well we actually met through that program.

What made you start writing music together?

Kassie: We were all part of an Initiative that had to do with music and we got paired off in a group together. On our first break, we were finally allowed to talk and we totally hit it off and realized that we were all musicians. After that Initiative ended, we kept hanging out and ended up writing together.

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How did you approach writing your debut single ‘Don’t Call Me Bae’?

Richie: I was dating a girl that called me Bae and at first I really didn’t mind too much, but as time went on and….

Kassie: Plus it’s just stupid. I would never say that.

What was the idea behind your latest music video? 

Brad: Well, it really wasn’t our idea to be honest. I take that back actually… It was and it wasn’t. The Initiative has a list of millions of things that they need documented and we can sort of pick and choose what we want to do and how we want to do it, within specific guidelines. So we went back and forth with them about our vision, but they are very specific. Eventually we were able to come up with something that they approved and we felt that it was even better than our original vision. We absolutely love how it came out.

Richie: I wasn’t the happiest about eating Kix though.

Kassie: You’re crazy, I still can’t believe that you don’t like Kix! Love that stuff.

That also makes me ask what was the idea behind the instructional ‘Initiative’ videos? They seem to tie into the music video quite nicely, was that the point?

Kassie: It was actually, because it is part of The Initiative. I can see how it might seem a little different from the other Initiative videos, but it’s all one in the same. We are allowed to self promote our music on selected videos and we loved this one so much that we decided to release it with our debut single Don’t Call Me BAE. 

Are you going to be releasing any new singles in the distant future or possibly an EP lined up in the future?

Richie: We are just focused on singles at the moment and don’t have plans to release an EP yet, but we will be releasing a new single about every other month or so. So keep your eyes and ears open!

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You’re playing your first show at the Wayfarer in CA, without giving too much away what are you expecting to bring to the stage? Can we expect interesting visuals like in your videos?

Brad: Yes, definitely! Like you said, we don’t want to give too much away, but you can definitely expect some exciting, unique things. Think pink.

Do you guys have similar hobbies and interests outside of writing music together?

Richie: You mean like drugs? Haha just kidding.

What do you want people to take away from your music?

Kassie: Drugs

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